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5 Most Popular Cryptocurrencies with High Potential in 2019

Most Popular Cryptocurrencies, Popular Cryptocurrencies, binance coin, Cardano, Basic Attention Token (BAT)

It took a couple of years for bitcoin to send the economic and investment world into a spin. People were skeptical at best and when it launched, many people made a lot of money. 

Although bitcoin took a steep dive from the levels where it was at, it still paved the way for other cryptocurrencies to break into the market and also stake a claim to the digital revolution that is cryptocurrencies. 

If you are looking for a cryptocurrency investment opportunity, then you need not look any further. Here is a rundown of five of the most popular ones in 2019.


If you think about smart contracts, then Ethereum comes to mind. Although Ethereum is one of the strongest cryptocurrencies to date, it is set for some stiff competition from Cardano. Both of these currencies basically provide the same smart contract, seeing that one of Ethereum’s previous developers sits behind Cardano. 

What makes Cardano so attractive is that it is much more scalable than Ethereum and can handle 20 TPS, as opposed to Ethereum’s 15. Secondly, the smart contracts of Cardano is second to none when it comes to security. 

Stephen Nash who works as a tech writer for essay writing service and essay writing service UK is currently working on best essay writing service review and a comprehensive research on cryptocurrency market, says, ‘’if you are looking for a ripe investment, then you should look no further than Cardano. At present, it only trades at $0.038, but the project has the loads more value and many experts agree. This currency is bound to blow up any time soon.’’


Ripple is another promising cryptocurrency. It had already shown great promise when it dethroned Ethereum to take the second spot on CMC. It is only moving from strength to strength as it is becoming a major player in the global financial system. 

The key attractor of Ripple is Ripplenet. This is their cross-border settlement service and it has already signed with more than 200 financial institutions globally. They recently signed with the National Bank of Kuwait to add to their list of institutions. 

In 2017, ripple had a superb rally and XRP traded at $2.28 at the end of 2017. A steep drop followed this and the coin is currently valued at $0.24. It’s hard to think that it once was worth over $3.19.

Binance Coin

In a world where there are over 2000 cryptocurrencies, when you find yourself in the top-10, then you know that you have something special going. Binance coin belongs to Binance, the biggest exchange in the world by trading volume. It would then come as no surprise that 75% of Binance coin exchanges take place on Binance. 

The success behind Binance lies with Binance coin as users of Binance are incentivized to hold on to their tokens with the help of transaction fees. Binance, in turn, burns a couple of tokens each quarter, pushing the value up considerably. 

Michelle Cook who’s working with Stephen at UK dissertation and essaymama and writing best essay service reviews and cryptocurrency research projects has an opinion to share backed with some data. She that the other driving force behind the success is the rollout of the Binance Chain mainnet. Unfortunately, the $40 mil Binance hack crippled the coin a bit, but it is set for a comeback. 


Cardano and IOTA are one and the same in that they are focused on the future. Their main aim is to change the economy of the internet of things. This has been one of the most disruptive technologies in recent years as it threatens to close down many institutions which rely on transaction fees model. 

IOTA enables free machine to machine payments, which means cheap payments. Thus, the advantages of using IOTA are the zero transaction fees, being able to do offline transactions and finally being superfast. 

At present, they are still flying very low under the radar, but have caught the attention of Jaguar Land Rover, who want to integrate Smart Wallet tech into their new motor cars. At present, they lie 16th on the CMC list.

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

The Basic Attention Token is the native token of the open-source project, the Brave Browser which is based on blockchain technology. Brave is taking on the big guns and offers ad-free browsing. They do this by blocking adds without having to install any extra extensions. 

Their value still lies with ads, though. In April, Brave ads was launched and now users get the chance to be rewarded for their attention. The users will now have a 70 % claim on ad-driven profit if they enable the feature. 

At $0.15, it sits comfortably in the CMC ranking but has already been making strides in the right direction. 


Although cryptocurrencies can be confusing at first, once you wrap your mind around the concept, it is easy to see why there is so much value in it. You cannot go into it blindfolded, so you need to get a better understanding of cryptocurrencies before you delve in. 

There are so many different resources available nowadays, you could even become a blockchain developer if you feel the need. One thing is for sure, you will know all the ins and out of the game and know that you don’t need to invest for years to get a decent return on investment.       


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