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5 Link Building Mistakes To Avoid In 2022

Link Building

Link building is the most effective off-page SEO technique for creating high-quality links from other websites to increase the website’s visibility and performance in search engines. However, you are required to follow Google’s rules carefully; otherwise, your website can be penalized. 

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Here are five link-building mistakes in 2022 that SEO experts need to avoid.

1. Creating Links Only for High DA Websites

Obtaining backlinks from High-Domain Authority (DA) websites is a difficult task because backlinks from these websites may assure you that they are permanent and relevant. 

Remember, not all the links are long-lasting. Some become very popular, while others may lose their reputation. An intelligent SEO expert focuses not only on current industry trends but also on future developments. So, be careful and don’t just rely on generating high DA backlinks because by ignoring low DA backlinks, you could miss a great opportunity in the future.

2. Buying and Selling Links

Buying or selling links can harm your website’s ranking on search engines because Google has smart crawlers that can quickly identify paid and organic links. Also, Google has insider reporting systems where users may report spam links. Therefore, if you purchased links in the past, remove them before getting detected and penalized by Google. 

3. Creating Only One Type of Backlinks

Focusing only on one type of backlink, such as dofollow or nofollow links, is not a practical SEO approach; else Google may penalize your site. Although nofollow backlinks do not play an influential role in SEO because they don’t pass link juice to your website, they can help increase your website performance if you acquire them from other high domains.

Therefore, use both dofollow and nofollow links when creating backlinks and avoid being penalized by Google.

4. Using Optimized Anchor Text

It is another common mistake that most SEO experts will make in 2022. If you added optimized anchor text within your website content, remove it because Google considers optimized anchor text as a black hat SEO technique. 

If you use them excessively on your links, you can face penalties instead of promotions. Therefore, to avoid Google penalties, use alternative anchor texts instead of the same anchor texts.

5. Creating Links On Irrelevant Websites

Many SEO experts mistake creating links on irrelevant websites, which is not suitable for SEO practice. However, Google has a powerful tool that quickly detects mistakes, resulting in a penalty for your website.

Furthermore, Google ensures that all the inbound links are relevant and genuine because irrelevant links are considered spam. Therefore, ensure that you create the links on a relevant niche; for example, if you want to create links to a directory, find relevant directories specific to your industry. In this way, you will be saved from penalty.

To avoid the above five common mistakes, you need to follow the rules of Google carefully because Google only focuses on high-quality links. Therefore, you should always be ready to adopt the new Google algorithm updates with time to conquer the SEO world. 

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