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5 Important Things to Do When Your First Podcast Flops

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You posted your very first Podcast but it didn’t get as much attention as you expected. You feel a bit disappointed with the outcome and somewhat lose the courage to continue. It’s really embarrassing to know that only a few people are listening to your podcast. You’ve thought hard of your topic and the script, spent a lot of time recording and editing, and courageously posted it.

I’m telling you, don’t lose hope. If you truly want this, then don’t give up. Stand up and fight for what you want. Not all people who uploaded their first podcast were recognized immediately. Some took more than 10 episodes. Some even took 20 episodes and are still thriving.

It takes time and a lot of effort to be one of those top podcasters. But everything will be worth it if you don’t give up and give your best.

There can be various reasons why your first podcast flopped. The first thing that you should do is to go back to your first podcast and try to reassess your work again. See which aspect you are good at and which you are lacking.

Take note of those you are good at and maintain it. If you can still improve, it’ll be much better. And for the aspects that you lack, definitely, you should work on them. In podcasting, there are some aspects that shouldn’t be ignored or overlooked. Here are some of the things that you can do when your first podcast flops.

Choose a Podcast Topic of Your Interest

One of these aspects can be with the topic that you chose to discuss. Are you really interested in this topic? Or do you just want this topic because you know that it is the trend? Being aware of what’s in trend is a good thing. However, if you are not interested in the trend, it can be a problem.

If you struggled in writing your script for your first podcast, it could mean that you are not really interested in it. They say that if you like doing something, you will never struggle with it. It’s always better to stop digging when you are in a hole. Take a step back. Review your podcast’s theme and reassess it.

It is important to remember that one of the cornerstones of podcasting is choosing a topic to discuss. Your audience will listen to it for a period of time. They will try to focus on absorbing the information that you want to convey in your podcast. They could sense your enthusiasm or disinterest in your episode so you better choose your topic carefully.

Another thing is that you are more likely to share more in your podcast if you choose a topic, you’re interested in. If you are having trouble knowing what you are interested in, trying to make a list of things that you usually talk about with your family and friends could be a great help. It’s much better to start again in your podcast than to commit to something that bores you.

Target the Right Audience for Your Podcast

Targeting audiences should never be ignored in podcasting. Have you ever tried knowing who your target audience is? Who would be interested in your podcast? Who would listen to your next episode? Knowing who your target audience is is also another important thing in podcasting.

Yes, you can’t make a podcast that will get everybody’s attention. That is why narrowing your target audience to those who would truly benefit and grow from your content is the best thing to do. Once you discover who your target audience is, you can now make your next podcast and base it on what they need.

Will my target audience benefit from this? Will this add value to their life? Is this podcast they crave for? Will they listen entirely to this podcast? If you think they will, then you are ready for the next podcast.

Establish Your Goals and Stick to them

The next thing you should do is evaluate your goal. Why do you want to share this podcast with your audience? If you want to focus on educating your audience, then you should be more formal on the structure of your podcast. However, if you are planning on entertaining them, the structure of your podcast can be less formal.

Always incorporate everything in your podcast to create a great theme. If you do this, it will attract your audience more and make them listen again.

Apply Some Marketing Strategies

Another possible aspect that you may lack is marketing. You may ask why marketing. Is podcasting something that you want to try? Are you doing this to share what you can with people? Well, sorry to burst your bubble.

Podcasting is like a business. Business owners get most of their income from marketing their products. The same thing applies to podcasting. Podcasters get most of their listeners from marketing their podcasts.

Yes, some of the podcasting platforms can give you a number of audiences but advertising your podcast into your other social media accounts can give you more audience. Almost all people in the world can’t go anywhere without their phones. From the time they wake up, up to the time that they go back to bed, they have their phone by their side. They go to their social media accounts every day and try to connect with everyone else.

Knowing this and using it to your advantage can give you a great opportunity to advertise your podcast for free. You will gain more audience and the best thing is that you didn’t spend any money on it.

Ensure a Good Sound Quality

Sound quality is also another aspect to look at. A quality topic should be matched with a quality sound. No one can focus on listening to a podcast with a poor quality of sound.  People usually tend to avoid these podcasts and look for others. It’s distracting and uncomfortable to hear which gives the reason for your audience to stop listening.

No one wants to endure the irritating feeling when you hear a poor quality of sound. If you only have your phone or your laptop as your microphone, that’s fine for now. But next time, try to invest in better sound equipment and podcast management tools. This will give your podcast a better impression from your audience and make them listen to your next episodes.

There can be other aspects of your podcast that you should look at and improve. It can be what’s listed above or other than that. Yes, it will be tiring and tedious. It can give you a hard time and headache in the future. But don’t be pressured on having a great episode.

Enjoy your journey and it will reflect on your podcasts. Appreciate everything that you will learn and soon enough, great things will come. You will get the recognition you deserve.

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