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5 Impactful and Essential Things You Should Know Before Building Your Gaming PC

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Gaming PCs are expensive, And in investing a lot of money in something, We should have a well-planned image in our mind. You should spend efficiently on each and every component. A PC has many components and peripherals. Each and every peripheral has its own different impact on gaming performance.

In short, You have to spend your budget in a way that doesn’t create an imbalance. In this guide, We’ll walk you through in a step-by-step manner how to spend money and how to build a gaming PC.

Things To Consider before starting

  • First of all, Find the games you want to play. The purpose of your playing games. And will you earn money in return by gaming and many multiplayer games. Consider trying on cheapest rtx pc in the market.
  • Learn About each of the different components of a PC. Learn and read about every component. Understand the working of everything.
  • After all of this, You’ll have an idea about what you should buy and what components you can compromise.

Now let’s dive into the guide.

1.       Choosing The Budget

Staring with the very basic yet essential thing, money. You have to decide which type of Pc build you want. A normal, entry-level gaming PC built needs a minimum of $300-350. In this, you can play decent games with decent FPS. You can’t play high graphics games like Far cry 6 which needs a very good GPU.

If your budget is around $400-600, You can actually play some new modern-age games and many multiplayer games. And when you have around $1000-1200 to spend, You can have a very good gaming PC.

It is advisable that spend all the money on components and assemble it together on your own. It is more efficient this way as compared to buying a whole new PC altogether.

2. Analyze what you want

There are different types of games. Some are easy to handle, and some have loads of HD graphics and sound effects that a normal $400-500 PC build can’t handle.

If you want to play some eSports games you can spend around $500 and you’re good to go. While you can spend some extra money on buying some equipment so that you can even stream your games online.

3. Get What You Actually Need

There are many different things that all together make a PC. Ram, Motherboard, Graphics Card, and Processor are some of the main priorities. It might be possible that you need a new processor. But you might not need a new ram. Your existing ram might be compatible with your processor. To analyze what you want and then choose what you need to upgrade.

4. Different Components to look for

  • CPU (Processor)

CPU, It is the central processing unit of the computer. It is often considered the brain of the PC. Its speed is measured in GHz. There are multiple cores that runs simultaneously to make PC work faster and smoother

So, When you look for a new CPU, Check for Speed and Cores it is having

  • RAM

Ram is the memory. It is also measured in Speed. Its measuring unit is MHz. It is also compared in storage unit like GBs. So a Ram has 2 major comparing units, Speed and Storage

So, When you buy new RAM, Check about its frequency and storage.

  • Motherboards

Motherboard, Is like housing. It connects all the computer peripherals and helps them in communicating with each other. There are many different components to it. When buying a new MOBO, Check for how the heat dissipation is. And what type of software interface is provided by the company?

  • Graphics Card

GPU is a processing unit of the graphical department. It handles the graphics. It is compared in terms of generation and storage. The higher storage, The better performance you can expect.

For a good gaming PC. You may have to spend.


To build a Gaming PC, you may have to spend a lot of money or you may not have to. The choice is yours. If you want, You can even spend over $2000 just to buy a good GPU. Or you can spend $600 to build a whole PC. It depends on you and your needs.

What we would recommend is that you should just spend money on essentials like CPU and GPU and then RAM. Go for the essential as you can even buy an expensive but actually essential component.

That’s it for today guys. Spend efficiently! 🙂

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