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5 Herbs To Use During Pregnancy

Nettle Tea

Pregnancy involves a variety of biochemical and developmental changes. You must adapt well to the ongoing development of the vital organs. Also, it may incorporate difficulties like morning sickness, skin discoloration, and vaginal discharge. One of the best ways to ease pregnancy issues is through herbal therapy. You can try out the healing herbs that relieve the changes during pregnancy. Also, it helps in incorporating wellness and may slow down the pregnancy-induced discomfort. Such herbal remedies support lactational progress and ensure the supply of breast milk. Hence, you can replenish the nutrient reservoir of the newborn without any difficulty. 

Read below to find the suitable herbs for your self-care regimen during pregnancy. 

1. Nettle (Urtica dioica) 

Pregnancy is a physiological state that requires the utmost nourishment and nutritional level. You must consume proper calories and vitamins to replenish the growing fetus. To meet the high nutritional demands, you can try out herbal remedies like nettle tea. The plant is rich in vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin E and aids in fetal development. On top of this, minerals like iron and potassium ensure regular fetal circulation. 

All you need to do is get your hands on the stinging nettle tea extracts. Along with this, try to replace the morning drink with nettle tea for a refreshing start. If you don’t like tea, you can always replace it with nettle supplements.


  • The herb increases the levels of iron and potassium in your body. Hence, it may aid in eliminating iron-deficiency during the last trimester.
  • Nettle is rich in vitamins and ensures the stable development of your baby. With the goodness of nutrients, you are likely to undergo stable fetal development. 

2. Chamomile 

Pregnancy exposes your body to inflammatory reactions and related changes. You experience mild to moderate anxiety and pregnancy-induced psychosis during the mid-trimester. That’s when the chamomile tea and supplements come to your rescue. It calms your mental pathways and reduces the psychological effects of pregnancy. Also, antimicrobial properties relieve bacterial growth and prevent infectious diseases. In the case of sleeplessness, then chamomile supplements may be of great help. You can pair the chamomile tea with Sativa extracts to increase nutrient levels. With the top-notch combo, you can get rid of the labor cramps right away.


  • Chamomile tea is the best alternative to relieve anxious thoughts. It helps in rectifying your sleep cycle during pregnancy-induced psychological distress.
  • During the initial phase of pregnancy, gastric symptoms are quite common. With chamomile supplements, you can control symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and cramps. 

3. Raspberry Leaf

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Another herb that may help in proper pregnancy and gestation is raspberry. It proves to be of use in the last trimester of pregnancy and prepares the uterus for pregnancy. Also, the herb contains antioxidants like flavonoids that curb cellular damage. The nutrients like potassium and magnesium strengthen the developmental landmarks of the fetus. Try drinking around 1-2 cups of raspberry leaf tea daily. That way, it supports the uterine musculature and controls labor time. Other ways to use the herb are edibles, supplements, and capsules.


  • The chemical constituents alter the muscular physiology of the pelvic region. It strengthens the pelvic musculature and leads to proper toning.
  • The herb also reduces pregnancy-related symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and cramping pains.

4. Fenugreek

Gestational ailments can be quite daunting to deal with due to fetal development. You can try out the fenugreek supplements to balance the maternal-fetal blood circulation. Also, it helps in reducing the blood sugar levels during the three trimesters. In case you’re prone to diabetes or obesity, you can include the fenugreek extracts in your daily routine. It reduces lactational issues and curbs breast enlargement due to hormonal changes. 

Along with this, the antioxidants present in fenugreek may reduce cramping pains. Some edible parts of the plant that you may consider are leaves and seeds. You can garnish the seeds over beverages and meals for the utmost nourishment.


  • Fenugreek extracts can boost immune functions. It purifies your liver and promotes detoxification of the organs.
  • You can try out the fenugreek seeds to curb gestational diabetes. Also, it helps with cramps and seasonal allergies. You may experience relief from influenza and a better gestation. 

5. Fennel

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Fennel is a potent herb that grows in the Mediterranean regions. It proves to be quite useful in pregnancy-related issues like nausea, gas and bloating. Also, the herb may reduce water retention and enhance the production of milk in the mammary ducts. If you’re prone to seizures during pregnancy, then get your hands on fennel extracts. It controls the electrical activity in the brain and may promote lactation. 

Make sure to seek herbal therapy in case of seizures, lack of breast milk, and nausea. You can use the fennel supplements in the form of tea, garnish, and edibles. But, try to control the number of fennel extracts and use it in the right manner.


  • Try out the herbal extracts to relieve labor pains and bloating issues. Fennel helps in gastric complaints and lactational issues.
  • You can try fennel extracts in your daily routine to relieve water retention in the breast. Hence, it curbs engorgement and reduces breast soreness.

Final Verdict

Pregnancy is a physiological phenomenon that leads to the development of the fetus. During pregnancy, you must try out herbal remedies like fennel and fenugreek seeds. Also, common issues like bloating and nausea may subside with chamomile therapy. Not only does it ensure a stable supply of breast milk, but it also relieves the cramps. Try out the herbs like chamomile for a proper sleep cycle and related disorders. Natural therapy is free from side effects and helps nourish your body. All these factors aid in the developmental landmarks of your baby. Fetch the herbal supplements that suit pregnancy to aid fetal growth.

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