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5 Easy Steps to Stop the Leakage in Your Vape Tank


The vape tank is an essential component of the vaping device. It’s the part that holds your e-liquid and keeps it at a constant temperature so you can enjoy all your favorite flavors without any problems. 

However, just like anything else, over time, this component can develop issues. One of these problems is leakage due to faulty seals or o-rings in the tank itself. So if you’re tired of dealing with leaks and want to stop them for good, this blog post will show you how!

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Ensure the Seal is Properly Attached

The most common reason for leaks in the vape tank is a faulty seal. When the seal isn’t correctly attached, gaps are created in the tank that causes the e-liquid to leak out.

To ensure this isn’t happening, you need to ensure the seal is attached correctly before every use of your device. This means ensuring it’s flush against both sides and no leftover bits or pieces are hanging off of it, which could cause a gap when vaping.

You should also check the coil head. Even if you’ve not done anything to it, the coil head may have shifted since the last use, which could also cause gaps in your vape tank. For more information, you can visit here CBD vape pen.

Another problem you may encounter is cross-threading. This is where the threading on the coil head isn’t lining up correctly, but instead, there is a gap that allows for leaking. You can prevent this by ensuring you screw in your tank correctly. The best way to do it is to:

  • Line up all the components correctly
  • Turn the seal anti-clockwise until you hear a click
  • Screw it in clockwise, ensuring it’s neither too tight nor too loose

If your vape is still leaking even when you’ve attached the seal correctly, it may be a manufacturing defect, or the tank may have some cracks. The only fix for this is to invest in a new vape. Vaporesso is among the best vape manufacturers. Read more on Vaporesso best sellers and choose your next vape based on your needs and preferences.

However, before you pull out your wallet, you may want to try the following tips to get to the root of the problem.

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Examine the O-Rings

Another cause for leakage in vape tanks is old-fashioned wear and tear. This happens most of the time because you haven’t cleaned your tank regularly or replaced its O-rings with new ones when necessary.

If you can see any damage to the rings, replace them immediately before it springs a leak on you mid-vape! Just like everything else, o-rings require regular maintenance to provide top-notch performance. Therefore, you should replace your O-rings regularly for an optimal vaping experience.

Don’t Overfill Your Tank

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If you tend to fill your vape tank to the brim, you might want to start changing this habit. If the tank is overfilled with e-juice, it can leak onto your battery or other components in between puffs and cause vaping problems like dry hits.

The correct way to refill your tank is to leave a small air gap at the top of your tank. This will ensure enough space for e-juice to expand as it soaks into cotton and prevents any leaking.

Store the Tank in an Upright Position

When you’re not using your vape, make sure to store it in an upright position. Leaking may occur if you keep the tank lying on its side because it will prevent the e-juice from sitting properly inside all of those coils.

Use the Right Coils for the E-Liquid 

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Not all coils are compatible with every type of vape juice. If you’re vaping a thicker e-juice, make sure to get an atomizer that’s specifically designed for viscous liquids. It is also possible to use thinner juices in tanks or RDAs meant for more dense ones, but these will require more attention and cleaning after use.

If you’re unsure which coils are compatible with the e-juice you’re planning to use, don’t be afraid to ask your local vape shop for advice and recommendations. Alternatively, find out from the manufacturer of your chosen vape juice.

Wrapping Up

No one wants to walk around with a leaky tank for their mod. For this reason, it is crucial to be familiar with the common causes of leakage and how they can be prevented or managed. With these five easy steps, you should now know how to handle a vape tank that’s leaking e-juice. So don’t let those leaks continue to take place!

However, if none of these hacks works, you may have a faulty tank. Make sure to contact the manufacturer for warranty information and take advantage of any guarantees they might include with your purchase. If your warranty has expired, it may be time to get a new tank. Research and identify the best brands and models before purchasing a new one.

If you want to try other modern smoking accessories like water pipes, you must also research how to take care of them. There are articles on how to clean a water pipe, you just need a little patience to read them.

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