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5 DIY Tips to Renovate Your Living Room With Wall Art

Floral Wall Art

Everyone has been spending more time at home than ever in the last two years! So, now home is even a more special space that demands timely updates. You can invest your weekends in some DIY projects to drastically uplift the decor. Wall art is crucial for any space as they bring in a focal point, texturing, and attractive elements to any room. So, upgrade the most special area of your home, the living room, with some DIY wall art. 

Let’s discover 5 DIY tips to renovate your living room with wall art.

A lit Wooden log Photo Display

A living room is arguably the best place to display some memories. It’s a common shared space where you can create a perfect, raw photo hanging in some simple steps. It looks especially good in the cozy corner of the living room. To make a wooden log photo hanging:

  • Pick a large, attractive wooden log with diverging branches. It can be one foot long, or any length which you prefer.
  • You can use it raw to keep its natural finish or repaint it to your preferred color.
  • Then, suspend invisible threads from it at different intervals. 
  • Hang polaroid photo prints, which can be random or a collection of memories.
  • Power up it with some string LED lights.

Create an Ultimate Gallery Wall

DIY and create an ultimate gallery wall. This will turn out to be your accent wall. Choose a wall that is the most clutterless and feel good for some creativity. You can mix and match beautiful and attractive mountain wall arts and other landscapes with handmade paintings, collages, artifacts, and artistic wall pieces. 

In the center, you can mount cardboard cut out of the word “HOME,” etc. Next, hang tapestry-like macrame, wooden artifacts, canvas, paintings, and photos. Lastly, ensure even spacing and eye-level height.

Try This Cool Mirror art

Reading Woman Wall ArtImage Source:

A colossal mirror in the entry wall of the living room will be both functional and pretty. You need glue sticks, paint sticks, embroidery hoops, and a round mirror. To make it:

  • Fix a perfectly fit embroidery hoop around the mirror.
  • Now color the paint sticks.
  • Join paint sticks with glue at the back of the mirror.
  • You can break some paint sticks to give a raw look.
  • This round mirror with artistic projections will look amazing and very pretty.

Boho Yarn Wall Hangings

Boho yarn wall hanging is the easiest and yet gorgeous wall art. You need driftwood and pre-cut yarns of different colors. Hang this above the console, a table, or a cozy corner. It looks very chic and gives a welcoming look to your living room. To make it:

  • Tie knots of yarns of different colors around the wood.
  • Use a single color first, then move to the second. Each color can have two inches of knots.
  • Let the rest of the yarn hang down and cut it equally from the bottom to give a neat look.
  • Hang this driftwood with nail and jute thread.

Wooden Panels 3D Mountain Wall art

This is very pretty wall art that is unique. You can use wooden panels and recycle them to create fabulous wall arts for your living room. To create a follow these steps:

  • Drill the wooden panels horizontally to create a rectangle in the wall. It can be two by one foot.
  • Now, mount two or three more panels over the bottom-most panel to create thickness.
  • Above it paste triangular panels resembling mountain ranges.
  • Finally, put LED string lights in the space between the bottom-most panel.
  • The illumination will look like glowing mountains.

Bonus Tips

These are some amazing DIY wall art for your living room. All the tips are budget-friendly, quick, and look incredible. The wall arts are necessary as they make your house feel like home. The efforts will indeed be appreciated by everyone and look so inviting. So, take out your gears, collect easily available things and get ready this weekend to create some amazing wall arts.

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