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5 Dating Experts to Follow on Twitter

Dating advice on Twitter

Dating gurus not only gain Twitter followers but also help them in exploring avenues that are hidden from others in terms of meeting women. Twitter for dating is an idea that will never get old, and it is because of the ever-increasing engagement that such accounts enjoy. Twitter is the best platform that provides you with dating advice as and when required. The best thing about such engagement is the real-time advice that this platform provides. Such tweets are answered as soon as possible to engage users. In this article, the top 5 dating experts that you can follow on Twitter are mentioned.


If you want to enjoy actionable tips on dating and sex life, then the account above is the best that you must follow. The content is not only optimistic, but it also urges you to take action and get success. With an increasing fan base, you get a complete package i.e., relationship expert, bestselling author, and love coach. The tips are straightforward and directed toward the adults that do not want to look frivolous. There are links to the YouTube channel and personal blog that you can visit to explore the writer further.


If you want to get dating advice that works instantly and gets you the results that you want, then this is the account you should go for. Charli Penn is no stranger to dating advice and has been in the industry for a long period. She also hosts podcasts on the same topic, and this will further solidify your experience. From marriage to just casual relationships, you have it all and do not forget to check out the archives of her podcast.


With 25 years of expertise, Calvin Roberson is a force to reckon with when it comes to dating. The best part is that the content is video-driven, which makes the account more engaging. If you are already in a relationship, then conflict management is something that you will learn from this account. If you are single then finding a long-lasting love is easy if you follow the tips in true spirit. The one-on-one videos that Calvin posts will make your relationship stronger.


She is one of the best love, sex, and relationship experts that you will find on Twitter. Not only will the love advice, but you also get everyday tips that boost your confidence and personality. Laura is the author of many books, and this account also posts cuts of her writing to inspire her followers. From texting to making your relationship strong, you get every piece of advice that you can think of when it comes to personal upbringing and self-love.


One of the experts of Married at First Sight, Dr. Rachel has broad experience in making your love life a success. If you are newly in love and want to check whether the opposite gender is a perfect match, then this is the right account got you. Rachel is a compatibility expert and will guide you through the process. The best thing about this expert is her down-to-earth attitude.

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