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5 Construction Tips When Building Or Remodeling Your Home

House Construction

Home remodeling is one of the biggest investments you can make towards boosting the value and appeal of your home. There is a huge chance you’ll face a set of similar problems whether you are building a custom home or are planning on remodeling an existing structure. 

Beaver Building & Remodeling, a top custom home construction, and home remodeling contractor have identified these common problems you may face as well as tips to avoid them. This article takes you through some of the most important tips to keep in mind when remodeling or constructing your custom home.

Protect Your Wood From Termites

Termites are a common problem that affects existing and new structures. When this problem is not detected early, you may face significant losses and safety issues. Termites feed on your wood, making it lose its strength and integrity. This wood poses a problem of structural integrity and building collapse. Whether you are remodeling or building a custom home, invest in the right wood treatment to protect your wood from termite attacks. 

One of the most recommended treatments to consider is Timbor. Timbor is a non-toxic salt treatment that protects your wood and wood products from common pests that feed on and damage them. With this treatment, you can effectively safeguard your wood from wood decay, fungus termites, and powder post beetles. One of the biggest advantages of this treatment is that it can be applied both indoors and outdoors, thus offering maximum protection from insect and water damage. With this treatment, you can rest easy, knowing that your wood will remain safe and solid during and after the construction phase.

Is Your Home In A Flood Zone

If you are starting a new building, it is best to consider the possible problems you may encounter later. One of the biggest issues to address its water problems, flood-prone areas require specific approaches to ensure structural integrity. Always check to ensure that the amount of improvement needed does not overshoot 50% of the value of the structure. If you are in a flood-prone area, it is best to invest in a construction contractor who understands flood and water control ins and outs. This will save you a lot of money in the future.

Look For Top-Quality Materials

You should always remember that quality beats quantity, especially when renovating or building your custom home. As part of your steps towards getting things right, you should always seek the best products in the market. If you are new to buying building materials, it is best to look for a qualified and professional contractor who has handled similar projects in the past. Seeking recommendations from contractors offer you a wide range of advantages. In some cases, having trusted contractors handle the procurement can save you money and stress. Building contractors often have established connections that make it easier to source building materials that meet the required standard.

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Consider Energy Efficiency When Designing

Many homeowners are looking for improved ways to cut down on their energy use and to save money. When building your custom home or remodeling your existing structure, this is an important factor to consider. Select building materials and fixtures based on what they contribute in terms of energy efficiency. Begin by considering proper insulation in the form of window screens, doors, and other installations.

You should also invest in energy-saving heating and cooling systems. Choosing the right heating and cooling system and pairing it with proper insulation can reduce your energy costs by as much as 30%. On the energy-saving front, you may consider mini-split air conditioning. To get all this technical work done, you should hire an expert like a residential electrician in Manly because he will do all the technical work efficiently.

Choose A Licensed And Insured Contractor

Making the right decisions for your home and construction needs is essential. The two important aspects of a solid structure are the materials and the contractor. If you have invested heavily in purchasing the right building materials, investing in the best construction contractor around is only fair. 

Understandably, choosing a construction contractor can be a hassle; however, you can begin by seeking recommendations from family and friends. You can also do a quick internet search for the best local construction contractors and companies around you. Read as many reviews as you can find on each and narrow your options to a few. 

Request a meeting and interview the contractors to understand better whether they fit you and your project. It is important to ask about their license and insurance. Also, always remember that the contractor with the highest bid doesn’t necessarily guarantee the best results. Consider the costs vs. value before making your final selection.

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