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5 Common Symptoms That Polisorb Helps To Combat

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How many times have you eaten or drunk something that just didn’t sit well with you? You don’t quite feel okay until whatever it is passed out of your system, right? Fortunately, there is some good news: Solutions such as Polisorb can support a healthy gut. This quick guide explains how Polisorb works and why it’s one of the best supplements for digestion discomfort.

5 Digestion Symptoms Polisorb Can Help Relieve

Polisorb’s approach to symptom relief is quite different from traditional over-the-counter digestive aids. It’s an enterosorbent, which means that it binds to other molecules in your digestive tract. This makes Polisorb an excellent detox, but it can also help relieve mild digestive discomfort. Polisorb’s fast-acting situational relief may help alleviate some common issues:

  • Upset stomach
  • Nausea
  • Occasional bloating
  • Food-borne reactions
  • Overindulgence

Polisorb is also incredibly easy to use. It is a white tasteless and odorless powder that easily mixes with water. Polisorb is vegan and doesn’t contain additives, sugars, gluten, GMOs or anything artificial, so it’s safe for the entire family.

The Science Behind Polisorb & Its Cleansing Abilities

You just read that Polisorb is an enterosorbent, capable of binding to other substances. But what exactly does that mean? Taking a look at some of the cool science behind Polisorb can help you understand why it’s one of the best supplements for digestion and bloating.

The word “enterosorbent” contains two components: “entero-,” related to the intestines or digestive tract, and “sorbent,” an agent that can absorb other substances. In other words, an enterosorbent binds to other molecules in your digestive tract. Sorbents usually do their magic through either chemical or physical processes. Chemical reactions can pose a risk, but physical sorbents don’t involve any chemicals.

Polisorb is a physical enterosorbent. That means it uses a purely physical binding action to pull bacteria, viruses, allergens and other harmful toxins. Think of Polisorb like a magnet. Once it binds toxins in your digestive tract to itself, it can safely carry them out of your system.

Polisorb is unique in another way. Instead of using activated charcoal, Polisorb contains silicon dioxide. As a mineral compound of silicon and oxygen, silicon dioxide naturally occurs in plants, animals and water all over the planet. It removes more toxins than activated charcoal, but it’s also safe for use at home. Not only that, Polisorb’s mineral-based formula is safe for both children and adults.

Polisorb as Healthy Digestive Support

Of course, situational discomfort is just one of Polisorb uses. With its magnet-like attraction, it can also be used periodically as a digestive tract cleanse. It’s a proactive way to eliminate toxins before they cause discomfort, especially when paired with one of Detoxify’s herbal cleanses. Just as with digestive discomfort, Polisorb uses the body’s own cleansing processes to cleanse away toxins and support healthy digestion.

As you can see, Polisorb is a great way to keep your digestive system on track. Whether for discomfort or as a periodic regular cleanse, it can help refresh your body. Polisorb’s mineral-based enterosorbent supports your body’s natural functions and a healthier lifestyle.

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