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5 Common Industrial Refrigeration Problems

Industrial Refrigeration

A commercial refrigerator is a crucial element investment in your business. An industrial fridge needs maintenance to limit malfunctions and unnecessary repairs. Since industrial refrigeration equipment runs non-stop, you need an adequate preventive maintenance program. You will ensure efficiency in operations. 

It’s important to know which problems might occur with your refrigeration equipment. You will be in a position to prevent further escalation into serious problems. 

Here are the five common problems that affect refrigerators. They will force you to seek Industrial Refrigeration Solutions from a reputable expert. 

Temperature issues

The main aim of a refrigerator is to cool your food. When the refrigerator fails to maintain the needed temperature level, it’s a red alert. A dirty condenser or evaporator coils can lead to this problem. Other causes can be:

  • Undercharging the refrigerator
  • A leaky relief valve or discharge tube
  • Poor airflow
  • Broken compressor

Ensure you have set the right temperature before you say your refrigerator has an issue. The refrigerator should be some distance from the wall for easy air circulation. Make sure the refrigerator door stays closed and seals well.

A malfunctioned compressor will also affect a refrigerator. It will be unable to maintain the needed temperature. If the equipment produces a continuous humming sound, you need to seek a technician to check it. 

Ice accumulation

Ice accumulation can result from several reasons. The ice accumulation can result from a leak in the refrigerant or poor air ventilation. 

Ice will accumulate if the equipment fans are dirty. Worn-out door gaskets or dirty filters will lead to ice accumulation.

Check to ensure that the defrost cycle is correctly set. A low-temperature setting will cause ice accumulation on the evaporator coils. 

Other causes of ice accumulation are: 

  • Debris and dirt accumulation on the coils
  • Broken evaporator fan motor
  • A poorly functioning defrost system

If you always leave the machine’s doors open for long, consider closing them to see change. 

Loud and strange noises

Noise in this industrial equipment can result from the motors, compressor, and fans. Unfamiliar noises emanating from the equipment can be a result of compressor failure. A misaligned fan motor will also make it produce this strange noise. 

You need to call a technician immediately you hear the strange noise. There is no need to close your business because of this issue. 

You need to have regular refrigerator maintenance. You will be able to catch this issue before it becomes a threat to your machine and business. 

Evaporator fan problems

If you find ice build-up in the entire refrigerator, then the evaporator fan has a problem. Check the evaporator, and if it has ice build-up, you have to turn off the machine to melt. Clean the evaporator coils and check the drain lines to ensure they aren’t clogged. 

If the evaporator coil is freezing over, your refrigerant has a low charge. Get a technician to recharge the refrigerant. He should ensure the subcooling and pressures are in their correct position. 

Lighting problems

Lights in a commercial refrigerator at times may stop working. The reason can be the light itself or electrical problems. Before replacing the bulbs, go through the refrigerator manual. It will tell you the verified bulbs approved by the manufacturer to use. If you install the approved lights, it’s rare to burn out the light’s electrical sockets. 


The health of your refrigerator system can affect your business operation. Regular check and maintenance will prolong the life of the refrigerator. For mechanical issues that you can’t handle, it’s advisable to contact certified specialists.  

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