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5 Best Custom Battery Pack Manufacturers You Can Trust

Custom battery pack

Batteries provide energy storage solutions to several businesses, allowing them to obtain electricity from relatively cheaper sources like solar, etc. Interestingly, you can have a custom battery pack to handle all business concerns regarding energy storage. Outlined in this article are the best manufacturers you can trust to put your mind at rest.

Having a custom battery pack to perform in a very special way, conform to some specific measurement, or fulfill highly specialized requirements, can be exhilarating for your business. These battery packs are engineered, designed, and built to suit the customer’s requirements.

Since several applications rely on the custom battery pack to power them, manufacturers also produce battery packs tailored to operate precisely, safely, and with improved reliability. For instance, a Chinese-based custom battery pack manufacturer, Sunly Power, designs excellent batteries that fully meet its customers’ diversified and individual needs.

DIY Battery Pack: How to Design Your Own

If you’re a small business owner or an end user, you should get your hands soiled on making your battery pack. Although it’s cheaper, it’ll require lots of time. From ordering the cells, waiting several months for them to arrive and a couple of weeks to balance can be time-consuming. It would help if you chose suitable cells to design and build your battery pack.

Materials Needed for a 12V Li-ion Battery Pack

Since lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are the newest and commonest battery pack, so here are the materials needed to build one.

  • 18650 Li-ion Cells x 3
  • Parallel Connector
  • 3S 6Amp BMS (Battery Management System)
  • JST XH 2.54 Female 4-Pin Connector
  • 0.15mm Coated Nickle Strips
  • 100mm PVC Heat Shrink Sleeve


  • Charge up every 18650 cells to 4.2V because three cells in a series are needed to make a 12.6V battery pack.
  • Mount the BMS on the different terminals and connectors. An extra wire is connected in series and attached to the battery pack to balance and charge the battery pack using a JST XH female connector.
  • Seal the battery pack with a 100mm PVC Heat Shrink sleeve for safety and sturdiness. Shrink the sleeve around the battery pack to make it look neat.
  • Hook up the battery pack to a Constant Current DC Load to test its performance.
  • Setting the current to a constant 1 Amp, you’ll notice a voltage dropping from 12.20V to 9.2V when the BMS turns the pack off to prevent the cell from over-discharging.

Note: If you want to connect two or more battery packs, it’s best done in series instead of parallel. The difference between wiring batteries in series and parallel is that; series wiring increases the voltage, while parallel wiring increases amp-hour capacity. However, wiring in series has better advantages to productivity than in parallel.   

Best Custom Battery Pack Manufacturers

If you’re a big business and firm, a DIY battery pack might not be what you want to try because of your enormous business need and specifications. However, you’ll thoroughly research the best custom battery pack manufacturers committed to 100% satisfaction.

#1 Sunly Power

Sunly Power is a top Chinese-based manufacturer and supplier in the battery manufacturing industry. The organization designs, develop, and manufacture high-quality custom lithium-ion battery packs for different uses and applications. Its custom design is reliable, optimized for better performance, and ideal for businesses or companies with ODM OEM battery service.

With its technical expertise and advanced knowledge, the organization assures the safest and best match for customers’ applications. Some of its custom product designs are; 18V 10.4Ah 18650 battery packs, 3.6V 6.7Ah 18650, 14.8V 2.5Ah 18650, etc., exported to countries like Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, etc.

#2 Epec Engineered Technologies

Epec is one of the fastest-growing companies in the electronic industry, with over 100 passionate and dedicated workers and employees across its branches in North America, Western Europe, and Asia.

The company assists customers in designing and developing the best custom battery pack at the most affordable price, is environmentally safe, and supersedes customers’ expectations.

As a full-service custom battery pack manufacturer, Epec’s team has extensive experience with lithium polymer, lithium ion, nickel cadmium, lithium primary, nickel metal hydride, and alkaline battery packs and assemblies. The organization exports to other countries across the globe from its facilities in the US and China.   

#3 Custom Power

Custom Power has been a premier custom battery pack designer, assembler, and solution provider for over 50 years. The organization specializes in custom lithium-ion battery designs and provides assemblies in all other chemistries. Its products are built to meet customers’ unique needs and requirements, with a specialty in complex defense, medical, industrial, and aerospace applications.

Its custom battery pack for Silverton homogenizers and other industrial devices comes at affordable prices and is delivered quickly.

#4 ZEUS Battery Products

ZEUS Battery Products implores extensive knowledge and experience to offer the highest level of battery quality while designing safe and reliable custom battery packs. Established in 2001, the organization is Centrally located in the Midwest, where it continues to support local and global battery chemistries.

Since its inception, ZEUS has supported the evolving demands of the rechargeable battery market, focusing on customers’ needs efficiently and accurately. The organization has a diverse electrical and mechanical engineering team to help customers with the best choice for their applications.

#5 Power Battery

Power Battery was established in 2018 by Peter Hinten and Jan-Hein Van Twist, with an in-depth knowledge of designing, developing, and manufacturing robust and reliable cost-effective battery pack solutions. Its battery packs are ready for use and tailored to customers’ needs.

With its cooled lithium-ion battery technology, you’re assured of improved efficiency and economic lifespan exceeding the available lithium-ion battery packs in the market. The battery packs fit all kinds of mobility and have high-power applications.


Of course, the best custom battery pack manufacturers will offer you the best and most reliable product. Do well to do further research before making an informed decision.

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