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5 Benefits of Smart Parcel Lockers

Smart Parcel Locker System

Everybody always receives parcels and packages. Whether it is something you ordered online, a birthday gift sent to you from a different state, or even a file from work, there would always be something to go pick up. And with as much as getting parcels excites us, the process of retrieving it is quite not as exciting. 

That is where a smart locker comes in. This is a storage solution that is built with technology to make picking up and dropping off packages faster, easier, and more reliable.

How it works is that once your package is ready for pickup you get a notification with access instructions. Once you are at the locker location, enter your verification information via an app on your phone or the kiosk’s touch screen. If the information is correct, the locker automatically opens and you can retrieve your package.

If you are looking to enhance security for your residential or multifamily resident’s package locker systems, and for easy and fast deliveries, here are 5 reasons you should install a smart package locker.

Get Notified when your Package Arrives

Nothing is more annoying than having to wait or keep checking if your package has arrived. Waiting in a long line for this process is also more annoying. But with advanced technology, smart lockers have changed the systems and made things better and easier.

When your package gets delivered into your smart parcel locker, you automatically get a notification and instructions for access, usually an access code or number, or a scannable barcode. Long are days you need to wait in lines just to retrieve your package.

Save Time and Money

The parcel lockers will always be there to receive any parcels and packages. This is contrary to when you need your delivery services to do the job for you, where more often than not, most of your orders would not be delivered in time.

Smart lockers save couriers time and increase productivity, which not only saves money but also increases revenue due to high productivity. It also saves costs related to transport like fuel and shipping costs as well as last-mile delivery problems.

Safe and Reliable

You can now rest easy knowing that your package is safe and out of access to no one except you. This is because you are the only one who gets a notification with access information when your package arrives. Unless you share this information, only you can retrieve your package. There is also no risk of failed delivery and additional trips to re-attempt deliveries.

Easy and Fast to Use

Using smart locker systems is not rocket science. As soon as you have yours installed, your job is pretty much done. All you need to do is to wait for a notification when your parcel arrives. And retrieving your parcel is not any hard either since you get all the access information you need 

A Convenient Delivery and Return Process

Smart lockers are also a more convenient way of delivering packages and even returning if need be. When you get the notification to go get your parcel, and you find it is not what you need, it is easy to return it;

You just notify the courier if you need to return the parcel by placing the return label on the parcel, then scan the label and place the package back in the locker that opens. The process becomes much less stressful, fast, and easier. And nobody gets to waste any time. 

Whether you are running a store, own a residential building, or even just for a family home, smart lockers are essential to make life easy. They may be a little pricey than traditional storage units and parcel lockers, but they are definitely worth every penny.

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