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5 Bathroom Remodel Ideas for an Elite Experience


Don’t miss out on the wave of renovating or upgrading your bathroom. These days, people are indulging more in self-care from the comfort of their homes. Therefore, it does not matter if the bathroom of your business or home, remodeling your bathroom to make it more welcoming and relaxing is an excellent option for the physical and mental well-being of those who visit it. According to the commercial bathroom remodeling experts at, they tell us that bathroom quality is measured using four criteria: safety, cleanliness, comfort, and appearance.

However, remodeling is not all about utilizing simple bathroom ideas or modern technology in your bathroom. Rather it involves bringing an elite experience by installing striking luxury bathroom designs that are effortless and indulgent.

Take a look below at several bathrooms and Wetroom Design ideas that will transform your bathroom. From quick and affordable modern bathroom inspirations to prolonged projects that add value over time, we got you covered on all options! Following are some of the best inclusions for a bathroom remodel:

1. Opt For a Tub

Having a tub will give your bathroom an instant makeover. It’s a style statement, even though it’s practical in many ways. But there are different kinds of tubs. There are permanent or fixed bathtubs and even freestanding models.

Preferably, the best freestanding bathtubs will incorporate a unique touch. In the past, people placed bathtubs under showers. But now, several designs even come without showers.

With freestanding tubs, allow your imagination and creativity to work for you the best way you desire. You can choose to have them in the bathroom’s center or still by the wall. When it comes to placing the freestanding tub, look for inspiration like nature through the big window.  You should look for professionals like B Able Solutions to handle the project.

Undeniably, people want tubs for different reasons. For homeowners, the aesthetics of the bathroom is a major drive. Conversely, for people who carry odd and tiring jobs, a bathtub will help them run a hot bath or an ice plunge tank to relieve pain and stress and relax. Better still, modern freestanding tub accessories consist of jet aids suitable for relieving arthritis and massaging the body.

Aside from designs, there are also various bathtubs to choose from in terms of their features. Based on the bathroom shape and décor, a majority would opt for a freestanding rectangular tub, among other shapes.

2. Window Treatment Choices


Windows in the bathroom are a necessity. They help allow natural light that makes the room appear bigger and more spacious. But, the bathroom is a private place and one needs to uphold privacy from the window.

So, it would be best to have a window that maintains privacy and still allows adequate light to enter the bathroom. How do you do that? It would help if you had window treatments.

Window treatments vary with your preference for designs. Majorly, there are blinds and shutters for the privacy and style of your bathroom window. The best choice among the two would be shuttered as they add a touch of elegance to your bathroom and don’t look bulky. On the other hand, blinds are also excellent but work with dark curtains for an extra layer of privacy.

Bear in a few factors if you also want a colored window. Primarily, the color of your window will rely on the bathroom palette. So, if you have a multi-colored palette, a window with a neutral shade would be appropriate. It will be easy to blend it with the rest of the house colors.

3. Bathroom Wallpaper

Without a doubt, using bathroom wallpapers will elevate the experience of your bathroom. However, it would be best to do it properly to achieve the desired lasting effect.

So you can choose to wallpaper an entire bathroom or select certain sections. Whichever you choose, go for bold and printed wallpaper or even subtle to bring out the bathroom accents.

When installing the wallpaper, ensure you avoid wet or humid areas where the wallpaper can get water and soil faster. Areas next to the bathtub, faucets, showers, and washbasins usually contain high moisture hence not appropriate for wallpaper.

But do not worry. If you choose your wallpaper wisely despite the design, water splashes will not ruin your handiwork. Preferably, vinyl-coated wallpapers are specifically ideal for bathroom or wet area use.

4. Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom SinkImage

A bathroom mirror is something that is essential in a bathroom. But, not any mirror will capture your eye. Having a perfect mirror will boost the entire aesthetics of your bathroom.

Luckily, the market is overflowing with various mirror designs. With different designs, the shapes also vary. The most common bathroom mirror shapes, however, are oval or rectangular. But, don’t limit yourself if you feel the need to go beyond and be more creative.

Moreover, you can choose a window frame. But this is not a good design with a broader mirror than the vanity. Having mirrors wider than your vanity is strange and may create an awkward effect that people will not like, including you.

Better still, a metallic finish or a full-length mirror matching your bathroom make better options. Indeed, there’s no limit to the available options.

5. Flooring Ideas

Flooring is a significant component of the bathroom that makes a huge impact on style and comfort. It is important to ensure that you achieve beautiful, elite, and easy-to-maintain flooring in your bathroom. So, your best choices would be natural stone and porcelain.

Floor & Co. has the best shop for vinyl flooring online business and residential use.

The advantages of having porcelain flooring are numerous. Firstly, porcelain is water-resistant as compared to ceramic. Also, it’s durable, classy, and anti-slip when textured. You can have whatever appearance of the porcelain tile you desire, making your bathroom remain gorgeous for a long time.

Conversely, natural stone includes marble, limestone, and granite. Natural stone is highly waterproof and resists quick wear and tear. Bathrooms with natural stone flooring are also stunning and boost the house’s resale value. Check out stone carpet designs from Steinteppich for more flooring options.

Above all, both natural stone and porcelain are comfortable and striking. It is also possible to put a heated or radiant flooring layer under. Master bathrooms that feature heated flooring give you more pampering each day. When should you lay heated flooring?

The right time to lay radiant heated flooring is during the construction or renovation of your bathroom. So, ensure you talk to your renovation or construction experts about including the heated flooring as early as possible.

Furthermore, there are other ways to conveniently and stylishly add heat to your bathroom. You can opt for a wall-mounted heated towel rack or back your mirror using a defogger. Also, having a fireplace is an elite inclusion that will improve your bathroom’s essential warmth and luxury.


Well, you don’t have to take any more hotel bathroom selfies because you can have a luxurious remodel of your bathroom. There are still several options for improving your bathroom that can easily fit your budget. You can add one element or transform the entire bathroom as per the requirement and with the right planning, it will all blend perfectly. Even though there are times that more is the better route, less can also go a long way in making a desirable impact.

Establishing your needs and preferences in terms of style and functionality matters a lot. Then, don’t stop your imagination. And let these remodel ideas help you build a little luxury in your home!

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