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5 Apps To Digitally Transform Your Business Process

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Today’s business world has become immensely competitive. You have to be very efficient and agile to fulfill the growing demands of the market. Otherwise, the competitors will snatch your market share and the opportunity that is supposed to be yours. So, don’t let manual office processes hold you back. Take help from these 5 apps, to digitally transform your business process:

Visitor Management Application

VisitorTrack a visitor management system that will digitally transform your visitor log management. Using this application, you can access visitor data easily that wasn’t possible before. The application will use cutting-edge biometric technology to identify your visitor. This will safeguard your office from offenders whom you have blacklisted earlier. This application is so fast that takes only a few seconds to identify visitors. Which means using a visitor management software your entrance will become impressive, fast and efficient.

Asset Tracking Application

How do you manage and track your organization’s asset ( like laptop, chairs, tables)? If you are still following the manual process replace it with asset tracking application. Using this application you can manage your asset, track who is using which asset, asset location, asset ownership details and so on just from your mobile. You will get a notification if you receive any asset requisition and approve them on the go. Isn’t it great!

Employee Wellness Application

Engaged employees are the most productive employees. But creating engagement becomes tough when you have to deal with numbers of different issues. When you have to manage a number of employees. For your HR manager, it will be tough for them to motivate each of your employees. Use employee wellness application to motivate your employees from your single dashboard. Using this wellness application you can recognize their good performance by giving them badges, encourage and reward them for being healthy, open a common engaging ground for all to collaborate beyond the organization boundary.

Fleet Management Application

No more manual process of managing an organization’s vehicles. To digitize this cumbersome vehicle management process use fleet management software. Fleet management software will bring all your vehicle information in one place. Since they are the mobile application, you can check the schedule, update drivers profile, get valuable fleet management insight like fuel cost, fleet management expenditure, drive’s workload, etc just from your mobile phone. In short, it will digitalize the cumbersome fleet management process and make it smooth and seamless.

Computerized Machine Maintenance Application

In the manufacturing business, machines play a vital role. A sudden shutdown can cause millions of dollars. Those days are gone when you have to follow manual work order to perform machine maintenance tasks. Following the manual process to maintain your machine is not enough. Use computerized machine maintenance application. This mobile application will automate machine maintenance tasks. Using this application you can schedule work orders, schedule preventive task and periodic task and so on. Long story short – this application will save you from a sudden shutdown that cost thousands of dollars.

Author Bio: Fredric Hoffman is a digital marketing analyst at M2SYS Technology. M2SYS Technology is a recognized industry leader in biometric identity management technology. M2SYS Technology’s mission is to pioneer the high-tech industry by delivering long-term value to customers, employees, and partners through continued innovation and excellence in all aspects of our business.

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