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5 Applications That Will Change the Way You Work

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Do you own a business or run a team? Are you struggling to make more sales and increase revenue? Many business owners will go through this, but using the right business tools can help. You don’t have to invest a ton into tools, so they’re a great option. Here are a few applications you can use to improve your operations and earn more revenue.

1. Slack

Whether you work with a small team or a large company, you need to communicate. Many businesses rely on email and phone calls to communicate with employees. However, Slack is an excellent alternative, and it can supplement other communication methods. Slack is like a group chat but for work. You can use it to send messages privately or to entire teams, and you can attach files or links.

Slack has a free plan, but you can upgrade for more features and to save messages permanently. While the cost adds up with each new team member, you can send messages instantly. You won’t have to wait for people to check their email, and you can tag people specifically.

2. Trello

Trello is a project management app, but it’s more flexible than that. You can use it to track anything from team projects to customer information to other data. Trello uses boards, lists and cards. You can set up a board for each team or project. Each board can have lists, such as for what’s in progress and what you have completed. If you want to use it to track customer information, you can include contact information and purchase history.

There are similar tools, but Trello is great for visual people. You can choose different colors for your different boards, so you can color code things easily. That way, you can easily see what you and your team need to focus on.

3. SalesRabbit

Another app you need if you do a lot of sales is SalesRabbit. It’s the best canvassing software available, and you can use it no matter what you sell. You can use the app when selling door-to-door, and the app can help you solve certain sales problems. While you shouldn’t rely on the app to build a sales strategy, it can support your efforts. You can start using the app to note your shortcomings in sales, and you can have everyone on your sales team use it.

That way, you can see what goes well and what doesn’t. Then, you can improve your sales strategy for the future. As you improve your sales strategy, you can get more sales, and you can grow your business.

4. PayPal

When making mobile sales, you need to be able to collect mobile payments. PayPal is a great tool for getting digital payments both in the office and on the go. You can create an account for your business, and you can send invoices or have customers pay you directly. PayPal does take some fees, but the fees are worth the convenience of accepting payments anywhere. Your sales team members can install the app on the phones, and you can set up the account to also collect credit cards, so customers don’t need PayPal accounts.

You don’t have to worry about carrying cash on sales outings, and you don’t have to worry about billing customers when you return to the office. Instead, you can collect payment as soon as you make the sale and as long as you have an internet connection.

5. QuickBooks

Once you start making sales and collecting payments in PayPal, you need to track your revenue and expenses. QuickBooks is an online accounting option, and it’s great for sole proprietors and large businesses. You can input transactions as they occur, and you can mark them as income or expense transactions. QuickBooks will add up all of the numbers to show your profit, so you can see how well your business is doing.

You can also use a cloud-based version of it such as QuickBooks Premier Hosting etc. and access it remotely from anywhere using the Citrix Cloud platform.

Then, you can decide if you need or want to make changes to your company. Over time, you can watch your sales and revenue growth, and you don’t need to download anything to use QuickBooks.

Running a business isn’t easy, but the right applications can make it a little less difficult. If you know what programs to use to grow your business, you can streamline your processes and make more sales.

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