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5 Apple Watch Apps

5 Apple Watch Apps

5 Apple Watch Apps

5 Apple Watch Apps

The Apple Watch compliments the iPhone in many ways, therefore it needs to have great apps. Apple has already provided many great apps for the Apple Watch including the Activity app, which tracks how many calories you’ve burned, the amount of steps you have taken, and awards you for every physical achievement you reach.  Then there’s Apple Pay, which allows you to pay using its NFC (Near-Field Communication) chip.  Here are 5 Apple Watch Apps we like.

1. Dark Sky

Not only is Dark Sky better than Apple’s default weather app, it might be the best weather app currently available. The name is kind of gray (get it, Dark Sky) but the features are sure to be sunny (I’ll stop now). The app makes your watch “buzz” when there is a rain or snow alert in your area giving you about an hour warning so that you are ready for tough weather. A 24-hour weather forecast is also included with simple pictures and an easy-to-navigate interface. Dark Sky is also available for the iPhone in the App Store.

2. Babbel

Babbel is a language app that shows you words in other languages depending on where you are in the world. For example, if I’m in an airport in Mexico, Babbel will automatically translate words I might say into Spanish, such as aeropuerto (airport), hola (hello), and avion (airplane). There is also a Babbel iPhone app in the App Store.

3. WeChat

Sort of like WhatsApp, WeChat allows you to text back to a message or send an emoji. With this app you can send a kissy face to your partner or a picture of a screaming dog. Whatever you’re doing, this app has the right emoji. OMG such a cute doggy! J <3

4. W Hotels

Now this app is really cool! The W Hotels app allows you to open your room at any W Hotels in the world. Not only that, but you can check your account and room number. No more waiting for an attendant to actually do his job and attend you. Can’t wait to see what more features are added!

5. Home Remote

This Apple Watch app (also on Pebble) allows you to unlock doors, turn lights on/off, control devices, and basically control your entire home with the touch of a button. There are some apps that only work with specific brands but this app is sure to work with any of your smart-devices.

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