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5 Android App Updates

app updates

Android App Updates

Even though, Android’s Play Store features almost a million applications only a few are developed by Google. These applications are some of the most useful applications around. Google regularly updates all of its applications. Today we will discuss 5 Android App Updates, you simply must have.

  • Uninstall Manager:  Uninstall Manager is a very useful application. The app update now tells the mobile user about the remaining space on their device. This is shown by a ‘Not enough space’ dialog. Then applications and media files are suggested that can be deleted. The size of all apps will be shown. The space of the application you want to install on your device will also be shown.

app updates

  • Google Keep: Only a few small changes have been made to this app by the app update. The application is now smoother and more efficient. Links are also shown and grocery lists can be auto-completed. Duplicates will also be detected automatically.


  • Google Maps: The app update of Google Maps now allows the users to ‘search along route’. This can be used in biking and wiki mode. When a user takes a breather, Google Maps recognizes the situation. Driving Mode also has a Floating Action Button. You will only have to tap on the screen once.  You can also find a new restaurant or store to visit.

app updates

  • Google Photos: Google Photos will save photos in their original quality. The 16MP limit is no longer as Google used to reduce image sizes previously. You can also sort photos into albums. Exposure and Contrast controls are also available.

Google Photos

  • Snapseed: The app update will allow users to choose Horizontal lip in Straighten.You can also use last edits on a new picture. You can now also make pictures look better and nicer. Any pictures that are stored on Snapseed will show information like when and where the picture was taken etc.

app updates

Check out these updates and let us know what you think in the comments below.



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