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420-friendly Celebrities: Stoned Stars and Their Bud Brands

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Many celebrities who consume cannabis hardly keep their practice a secret. In fact, many big-name stars have built their personal brands on their interest in weed, which has endeared them to legions of 420-friendly fans. Now, as the marijuana industry is expanding thanks to the widespread legalization of recreational use, those same celebrities are looking to capitalize on their reefer reputations with their own bud brands.

Brands owned by famous stoners aren’t inherently better than other buds, but bringing them to a 420 session can make the experience a little more dazzling. Here are some of our favorite celebrity cannabis consumers and their canna-companies:

Leafs by Snoop — Snoop Dogg

It is difficult to think of a celebrity whose name is more synonymous with weed than Snoop. Accordingly, Snoop Dogg claims a handful of cannabis-adjacent brands, such as his media company Merry Jane and his investment group Casa Verde Capital, which helps canna-entrepreneurs secure funding. Leafs is one of the most well-established celebrity cannabis brands, available almost everywhere and boasting a reliable quality that fans (of rap and weed) adore.

Houseplant — Seth Rogan

Seth Rogan has been credited with making cannabis consumption cool again thanks to a slew of stoner-friendly movies in the ‘00s. Recently, in addition to producing some truly beautiful works of ceramic art, Rogen has invested himself in Houseplant, a cannabis company “For people who love weed, by people who love weed.” The Canada native primarily sells his pot in the Great White North, though a few dispensaries in California also carry his stuff.

Belushi’s Farm — Jim Belushi

It’s one thing to slap your famous name on any old package of pot; it is quite another to live and work the cannabis farm yourself — and that is exactly what Jim Belushi has done. The comedian-turned-actor has now turned into a weed farmer, cultivating 93 acres of lush cannabis farm along the banks of the Rogue River in Southern Oregon. The appropriately named Belushi’s Farm offers a range of strains that are available in Oregon, Colorado, and Illinois.

Monogram — Jay-Z

Mr. Carter got into the cannabis game with national bud brand Caliva, but most recently, in his work as Chief Visionary Officer for The Parent Company, Jay-Z launched a luxury weed line under the brand Monogram. The line contains flower, pre-rolls, and a huge handroll — and all of it is exorbitantly expensive, especially under California’s steep weed taxes. You have to decide for yourself whether Jazzy’s brand is worth blowing your month’s bud budget.

Tommy Chong’s — Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong was one of the first celebrities to launch a cannabis brand, and he wasn’t afraid to call it his own. Tommy Chong’s boasts an incredible line of products, including regular flower, vape, topicals, and elixirs as well as a few more outlandish items like THC-infused breath strips and The Chonger, a massive joint packed with a full eighth of the flower. You can find Tommy Chong’s in every state that has updated marijuana regulations on the books, so even Massachusetts weed lovers can get a taste.

Drawing Of Marijuana Leaf

Khalifa Kush Enterprises — Wiz Khalifa

The massive and amazing canna-brand Cookies got its start thanks to Wiz Khalifa’s raps, and now Wiz Khalifa is setting out on his own with a brand based on a strain bred specifically to the rapper’s taste. Khalifa Kush, a phenotype of OG Kush, forms the foundation for a full line of cannabis products under the name Khalifa Kush Enterprises. This brand is only available at Reef Dispensaries, in Nevada and Arizona.

GKUA Ultra Premium — Lil Wayne

It should hardly be surprising that Lil Wayne’s cannabis brand GKUA Ultra Premium is packed with extremely potent products, designed with the intention of giving consumers “the best high of their lives.” In addition to vapes, concentrates, pre-rolls, and flowers, GKUA Ultra Premium promotes private pot parties with Weezy himself. If you have access to this brand in a California, Colorado, or Michigan dispensary, you might keep your eyes peeled for the limited-edition Sex Panther strain, which is becoming legendary for its quality and potency.

Stars smoke weed, just like the rest of us. Using their exceptional influence, many celebrities are able to create incredible cannabis products, and it is high time you get your hands on some of these brands backed by the biggest names in the 420 sphere.

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