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4 Ways to  Stay More Organized

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A bit of disorganization may not seem all that bad, but things can quickly get out of control and put you in a bind. Not being organized can cause you to become harried and waste time. The solution goes beyond just telling yourself to become better organized. You need to develop a plan that works for you. These are four ways to stay more organized.

1. Have a Place for Everything

When organizing your items, you need to make sure that things that are together are meant to go together. For instance, if you need a place to put a box of staples, the ideal location is in a drawer among other office supplies. You can be generally broad in terms of what goes where, just as long as it makes sense that an item would be put in a particular location. Keep each section in meticulous order. Your organization should never stop at just putting things in the right place. It should be a reflection of just how much you care about structure and helping yourself to avoid chaos whenever possible. This will help you bring more success into your life.

2. Use Labels

Labels can be your best friend as far as organizing is concerned. No matter how strong you think your memory is, it’s better to be safe by clearly marking what’s in each box, drawer, etc. You can use things like a label maker or simply writing on masking tape with permanent marker. Write carefully, as you want your handwriting to be legible not only by you but also by anyone who may need to track down a certain item. If you want to be advanced about it, you can use something like an alphanumeric labeling system and special chart to help you become even more organized.

3. Keep Items in Good Shape

You need to show pride in your organizational items. Anything you use to store things should be well-maintained and repaired or replaced when it starts to fall apart. Your desk drawers need to be able to open and close smoothly. If you have carts, they should come with quality casters. You can identify quality casters based on how smoothly they let you move your cart. Don’t put more weight on your cart than it’s meant to handle, as doing so could leave you with a wrecked piece of equipment.

4. Get Rid of Things

Hoarding and being organized don’t mix. You might not mean to hold onto things that have worn out their usefulness, but you need to get int the habit of disposing of things as soon as they’ve fulfilled their potential. Take just five minutes to get rid of anything that you’ve been meaning to throw away. Even in this short amount of time, you can open up plenty of space for yourself. Put yourself in the habit of getting rid of things as soon as you know you don’t need them. If there are things that you don’t need anytime soon but surmise you could find a use for in the near future, designate different spots for potential future uses.

Once you start these organization habits, you need to stick to them. See them as resolutions that can help you become a more put-together person. You’ll stop getting aggravated about losing track of your important items and put your energy into making actual progress. When you get your things in the right place, you can get your mind in the right place.

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