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4 Ways to Keep Your Valuables Safe While Traveling

Decoy Safe

Good vehicle design means maximizing the available space for machinery, passengers, and storage. However, when it comes to providing a place to securely lock valuables, many vehicles come up short. Here are a few ways to keep your valuables safe and sound in your vehicle while traveling.

Install a Console Safe

The center console is perhaps the most convenient place to store small items in a vehicle. Wallets, phones, and important documents are often placed in the center console for easy access. However, most center consoles are only secured with a simple latching system, which puts these important items at risk when they’re left in vehicles. Installing a center console safe can help keep these valuable items safe while on the road. Many console safes are vehicle-specific, so with a little guidance, you can find a safe that is designed to fit perfectly in your console. For gun owners who conceal carry, a console safe also provides a convenient and secure place to store their weapon while driving. A console gun safe offers users enhanced security in the form of heavy-duty construction materials and design. Console gun safes also offer enhanced, customizable locking mechanisms to deter unwanted access to your center console.

Install a Camera

Many new vehicles come equipped with onboard cameras. Side cameras record sideswipes and rear cameras alert drivers to hazards when backing up. Dashboard cameras installed by drivers are also increasing in popularity to record pedestrians and fellow motorists. Some dashboard cams popular with rideshare drivers are built with dual cameras capable of recording both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. For individuals who store valuables in their vehicles, these dashboard cams are a great security option to invest in. Choose a camera that is cloud-capable and compatible with your phone so that you can receive a feed even when you’re away from your vehicle. Depending on your auto insurance provider, installing a dashcam might even lower your monthly insurance rate!

Decoy Safes

For individuals on a budget, a small safe designed to look like an ordinary object might be the perfect place to store valuable items. These safes can be secured with a key and can look like soda cans, oil quarts, lint rollers, and more. Thanks to their mundane appearance, these safes may convince a would-be thief that breaking into your vehicle isn’t worth the trouble. Diversion safes are also often small and portable, so if you need to carry your safe along or pack it in a piece of luggage, it’s easy to do so.

Make Your Own

If you find yourself stuck with a valuable item you weren’t expecting to transport, your only option might be to get creative. Look around your vehicle for mundane items that can hide your valuables in plain sight, such as a tissue box or article of clothing. Try to find a place to hide them before you park to be sure no one spots you hiding your wallet in a lunchbox! When in doubt, always be sure to place your valuable items well out of view.

Choose a security method that works best for you and enjoy your travels knowing your valuables are secure.

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