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4 Ways to Increase Produce Business Sales

Produce Business

Low sales performances can push a brand out of business. This is constant across every industry and the fresh produce industry is no exception. Here’s why.

Being a wholesaler puts you at the top of the product distribution chain. Failure to sell your supplies on time can lead to big losses. Fruits and vegetables have a short shelf life and perish rapidly. Therefore, they must be supplied to distributors within a short timeframe. That way, they can safely reach consumers with minimal damage and in better shape.

Is your business prepared to handle a boost in sales? With a boost in business, and sales come the need to automate your payment workflow, and bookkeeping processes, and maintain financial visibility over business operations. 

An accounting solution like Silo provides you with a full view of your produce business’s financial health. To learn more about this software, visit

This article addresses the top 4 ways to increase produce business sales. These highlighted strategies will help you increase your profit margins and see exponential growth in business sales. 

How to boost your produce business sales

1. Invest in marketing

A big error most produce businesses make is allocating little or no funds to marketing. Marketing is one of the fundamental methods by which to increase sales, regardless of the sector.

Connect with marketing professionals that can properly guide and give you tips for successful sales strategies. They can provide strategies that have worked for them in the past. 

Another aspect to consider is the quality of your produce. This key metric is an indicator of your capabilities as a supplier, and thus, it could be said that your produce serves as your primary marketer. 

What does your produce say about your business? Ensure that they are of high quality. Put some thought into your packaging as well. Let your business stand out via strategic placements and choice of visuals. The overall effect has a lasting impact.

Chances are that retailers that choose your firm do so on a referral basis. Ensure that your first impression makes them come back for more.

Lastly, if you do not already advertise, start now. Ensure that you have solid advert strategies. Your adverts should be relevant to your local and distant target markets. So, say, most retailers near you are most likely to read magazines and newspapers and advertise predominantly via print platforms.

This shouldn’t stop you from advertising on platforms frequented by an audience outside that community. As long as you always have your consumers in mind, your marketing efforts will reach people and draw them in.

2. Network

Another way to boost sales is to make sure that you and your business are known. People should know you and what your brand embodies. This can only happen when you go out to meet like-minded business owners and establish meaningful connections.

A way to do this would be to attend online sessions, physical meet-ups, and programs. These spaces accommodate produce business owners and commonly exist to facilitate growth. What is discussed or shared there can contribute to your success as a produce business. You learn new things, including marketing promotion strategies.

Another way is to engage in public speaking. Attend when invited, and speak when asked. Such opportunities allow you to market your business freely. Anyone in the audience could be a prospective client. You need to capitalize on that as much as possible.

Public speaking also establishes you as an authority and expert in your field. This conveys to other established produce businesses that you are open to collaborating and sharing resources that may mediate mutually beneficial partnerships. 

3. Evaluate the competition

Assessing your competition can be extremely effective when it comes to marketing and growth. It involves assessing the top produce businesses that could act as your competition.

Locally: Conduct research into how these competitor businesses work and what gives them an edge in the market. Identify their selling points and see how you match up to them. Be careful not to compromise on your business values. Evaluate their processes and decipher reasons why they may have the upper hand—this will highlight areas of improvement on which you can improve. 

Internationally: To make this more effective, look to international competition as well. This keeps you ahead of your game on a more global scale. It also gives you a greater chance of securing international deals. 

4. Practice accountability

The last point would be to hold yourself accountable. Allocate specific times during the week, month, and throughout the year for periodic assessments and evaluations.

Considering how cumbersome this can be, a lot of produce businesses worldwide now choose to streamline this process. You can achieve this by using produce ERP software. It comes in handy for wholesale distributors, growers, and shippers—wherever your business fits in the produce supply chain.

This software is designed to thoroughly and systemically assess your growth and setbacks as a produce business. It assesses your sales and financials over time and presents them in reports and graphical charts. A look into these charts and reports helps you reevaluate your business strategies, and see what places are lacking and what can be improved upon. It also gives you an idea of your business’s financial standing. 

Question the ebbs and flows in your sales. Identify what was done right to acquire specific large scales. Capitalize on that as a sales strategy and see how that works in your favor.

Another part of accountability would be to look through complaints carefully. Highlight them and seek solutions to them. You can reach out to your clients afterward to update them about the progress that you have made so far.

This builds trust, and trust leads to loyalty. It also keeps your staff on their toes.


Increasing produce business sales is not a linear process. It involves investing money and resources to amplify those sales further. If done correctly, though, the results are outstanding and beneficial to the growth of the business in the long run.

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