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4 Tips to Increase your Lead Generation Strategy

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Generating leads has become a lifeline for every business nowadays. A business that is not able to meet its lead generation goals for a long time has a highly dubious future. Is your lead generation strategy going stale, and needs a revamp? Let’s look at a few measures you can incorporate in your current lead generation strategy to bring it back to life. 

1. CTAs

The CTA is the most important aspect of the landing page, as it’s over here that the customer decides whether to consider your product further or move on.

Many landing pages fall prey to CTAs that are visually irrelevant, i.e., they are either placed at an insignificant part of the landing page, or the viewer finds it difficult to adequately spot them due to poor color contrasts, small size, etc.

Let’s talk about a few ways in which you can create a visually relevant CTA.

For a start, you should always make sure that your CTA is in a Button Format, as this provides your viewer with a clear indication that this is where he has to take the next step from.

Never include more than one CTA on your landing page.

Providing choices to your viewer, in this context is a huge turn off as the viewer may perceive that the website lacks full conviction when it comes to making the viewer take the next step.

  • A clear CTA, explicitly stating and encouraging the viewer to take the next step is the best option.
  • Finally, leverage animated visual cues and pictures that implicitly direct your viewer towards your CTA.
  • Pictures and animations are always a plus point when it comes to enhancing your website’s user experience

2. Exit-intent Pop-ups

A frequent behavior that seen among landing page viewers is that they have a tendency to drift away from finally reaching the CTA and quit the landing page.

No matter how well you frame your heading and subheading as per your target customer’s preferences, a percentage of viewers would get bored and leave your landing page in between.

So, how can you convert such partially disinterested viewers? This is where Exit intent Pop-Ups come into play.

An exit intent pop up appears on the screen; whenever, the system detects that a customer is going to exit the screen, i.e., when he moves his cursor to close the page.

These pop-ups can be used to provide the viewer with the final CTA, just before he is about to leave the page.

However, you need to make sure that you follow a minimalistic approach when it comes to creating a special CTA for such purposes.

Since the customer is already in an aversive mood, he won’t bother to interact with a CTA pop up that has pictures, animations or pre-introductions and immediately exit the pop up as well.

A straightforward text-based CTA is the best option in this scenario.

3. Repurposing Content

Repurposing is one of the most underrated lead generation strategies. Every website/business has some previous content that had garnered a good amount of engagement and interaction in the past. So why not provide it with a small makeover or update and bring it back to for a new segment of your target audience? Linking your blog with social media posts or creating a conversation topic based on your blog, are a few effective ways.

The second option is to convert the content of your blog into a relatively more intuitive one, in the form of videos or infographics. However, you need to be extremely careful of the quality of content that you are trying to repurpose. Repurposing substandard content will provide nothing for your digital marketing goals but a waste of time and money.

4. Gating Your Content

Gated content refers to those, for which a viewer has to sign up with the website, prior to viewing the content. Other than gating your complete content, you can always provide mandatory sign up pop-ups after the consumer has already read or viewed a certain part of your content.

The customer, who has consumed a significant portion of your content, won’t hesitate to sign up with you for getting further quality. This also ensures the high quality of leads that are generated, as it majorly includes those customers who have a significant interest in your offering and thus offer a high chance of a lead conversion. 

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