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4 Simple Steps for Building a Video Chat Application

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Video chat applications like Google Hangouts, Skype, WhatsApp and several others popular because they helped people really living the talk with the ability to see the person at the other end. The increasing popularity made many enterprises and organizations to incorporate the video chat feature for internal communication, remote conferencing and for video communication with field staff.

Do you want to build a video chat app? Well, it doesn’t require any rocket science. We will explain how to build a video calling app in simple steps. But before that let us explain why you need to build such an app in the first place.

Why You Need A Video Chat App?

Video chat or remote video calling can really deliver you the experience of living the talk rather than typing or talking the talk by using text chat or voice call. Naturally, it has become the most trending way for remote communication. Let us explain the key benefits of video chat apps.

  • Better Customer Service: Video chat apps can allow customers to get in touch with the customer support team concerning any issues or queries. With the real-time interactions, customers can see the support staff who can elaborate on the solutions over video chat.
  • Sales Growth: Customers thanks to the live video chat support and guidance can actually access their required products better and faster when browsing an online store.  Video chat actually allows sales personnel to make more convincing communication to push sales and boost business conversion.
  • Reduced Costs: remote employee meeting and conference through video chat saves a lot of time and corresponding cost while utilizing the productive ability to the optimum level.
  • Improved Teamwork: Video chat apps also helps in improving employee collaboration and training staff and taking initiatives for skill enhancement. With remote and real-time video chat communication the employees can take training from the experts and they can collaborate with remotely located team members on various development projects.

4 Steps In Building A Video Calling App

So, here we are, to explain the systematic steps for building a good video chat app. If you want to build a video chat app that offers a sophisticated chatting experience while remaining unique in look and feel, these steps may help you.

Know Your Audience

Start with the basic app development strategy. You need to decide whether you want to build your app for iOS or Android. Secondly, it is imperative to know the age group and the demographics of your target users. Lastly, you need to know what type of usage your video chat app is most likely to serve. Is it going to be an app for corporate communication or casual lifestyle chat for millennials and young people or is it going to be a video chat app for dating?

The features and functionalities of the app also depend tremendously on your user base. Some video chat apps like Snapchat and Hike by using cool stickers and filters appeal to young users and millennials more than others. On the other hand, corporate communication requires a completely different set of professional features. You can also bring in a versatile video chat app for every kind of user and WhatsApp is the best example.

Make A List Of App Features

Now you need to face the most important question? What gives your app a unique value compared to the tons of video chat apps that already exist? Why users are going to use your app if they are satisfied with other leading video chat apps? Yes, providing unique features and user value is a must if you really want to grow with your app.

  • Group Calling: Group calling is a must-have feature if the app is intended for millennials or for corporate communication. If your app can support as many as 15 or 20 concurrent video calls or video conference, it will be a great feature for every kind of group calling needs.
  • Rich text support: Some video chat apps that support sending a rich text with graphics, animation, GIFs, images and text in different formats can be highly effective for business communication and collaborative teamwork in projects.
  • Data Security: The principal reason behind the overwhelming popularity of WhatsApp is the data encryption that allows no tampering, data theft and breaching efforts. Make sure your video chat app introduces best and advanced security measure to protect and safeguard user data.

Command Over Technology Stack

Finally, you need some tried and tested technologies to build a great video chat app. Unreliable APIs can actually prove to be dangerous for performance, security and other aspects. This is why it is important for you to know the ideal technologies required to build the video chat app.

If you want to build a peer-to-peer video chat app with minimum features, using open source and ready to use APIs can prove to be sufficient for your purpose. CometChat is a great API in this category that helps easily integrating voice, text and video chat. There are also other powerful APIs to help you to build sophisticated and feature-rich video chat apps.

Make An Engaging design

Like most video chat apps these days have almost similar cutting-edge features, they boast of very little difference in terms of usability. This is why UI/ UX design plays an important role in video chat app design.

A key principle is to keep the UI design as clean and clutter-free as possible. An intuitive UI design that remains easy on the eyes makes the app more useful. To achieve this make sure the app only keeps a selected number of callers and contacts at a particular time. As for chat during video calls, Skype way of communication is great in spite of all provocations of innovations.


Video chat apps have rightly become the fad for present-day communication across all niches. What started as a millennial-friendly communication began to peep inside the world of grown-ups now. No wonder, a lot of developers are trying to incorporate their own innovative twists in new video chat apps.

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