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4 SEO Content Writing Mistakes to Avoid

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I’ve suffered from these content writing mistakes many times before. So, I want to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes I did regarding content writing. The reasons for this article are simple: you need to do your online content marketing right in order to turn potential customers into paying subscribers. Therefore, only by having the greatest content writing skills can you expect your conversion rate to skyrocket, which is why you want to avoid these top 4 SEO content writing mistakes

1. Not making your text readable

Content for your website can be either text content or images. It is very important to make the content of the images readable. Banners and headers with images need special care during the creation of such images because of which you will not be able to read the letters on the image, which may lead to no reading of content. 

One of the things many people don’t realize about outsource content creation is that it is absolutely essential to generate content that ranks in SERPs. And not only do you want your website to rank in Google, you also need to make sure your site is full of great content. As SEOs, we can really make a difference when it comes to creating content because we can read client sites and see what works (and doesn’t).

2. Not adding references

If you are going to use any facts in your post, you should be citing your source. There is nothing more distracting than when someone posts their opinions and assumptions as fact. Include your references in the article (you can build links to these in the body of your article for more SEO value). Links to sources (even if they are not used directly in the text) can also be beneficial. It gives you another opportunity to include keywords/phrases relevant to your article and, therefore, potentially boost its SEO rankings.

3. You don’t have anything original to say

Think about the last time you wrote a blog post. Perhaps this was after reading an excellent article that you wanted to highlight, thus sparking off your own creative juices. Perhaps it was a personal experience of overcoming a trial, or perhaps an interest simply inspired you? I have learned over the years that content that helps other individuals gain something of substance is more likely to gain traction online. The insight shared should at least be helpful to some other individuals, or it will not gain much popularity or attention. If you are simply rehashing trivia copy-pasting from another website, you are not really adding anything original to the web. A small number of individuals may think that this is cool, but it won’t be long before casual observers lose interest.

4. Writing for search engines

Writing strictly for search engines is not a good idea. Why? Because I’ve already seen many articles online that are about 100% optimized for search engines. However, they are not even slightly optimized to appeal to the human eye, which ends up being pretty much useless. When I first started writing, I wasn’t writing for people. No, that would have been crazy. It was completely focused on search engines. I wrote articles that had all the right key phrases in the right places, but no one spoke to me about it. This led me to write an article on writing for people.

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