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4 Reasons Why You Should Choose The Right Headset For Better Gaming Performance

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If you didn’t hear the guy behind you on your last PUBG, Apex, or Fortnite match, then you really need to get the right gaming headset.

If you’re debating whether or not you should get one, then let me be the person who will push you over the edge. Because if you’re convinced that a 144hz monitor can significantly improve your gameplay– or that a high-quality mouse can help you aim better, then you’re as good as convinced at this point.

But how exactly can the right headset help improve your gameplay? Let’s cover it in detail below.

How Does Choosing the Right Headset Make You a Better Gamer?

1. Limits Disturbance, Maximizes Focus

Regardless if you have your computer in your living room or in your own room, using the right headset actually benefits everyone. Gaming headsets may not bother your roommate or other family members around you but a headset with poor features can literally ruin your overall gaming experience.

If you’re a competitive gamer like me, you know how important it is to stay focused at all times. More importantly, you want to get rid of the smallest potential distractions around you. But there are things that you just can’t get rid of. This is why gaming headsets with great noise isolation or earbuds that cancel ambient sound are perfect for us competitive gamers.

By isolating or blocking ambient noise efficiently, you’re sure to stay focused when playing games.

2. More Immersive Audio Experience

The sound quality of gaming headsets are good for what they’re designed for. Sure, they don’t compare to the quality of other high-end headsets for sophisticated audio listeners or “audiophiles” as people call them, but they do a great job of giving you a more immersive audio experience.

Moreover, gaming headsets can also pick up smaller audio queues such as the sound of a reloading gun or enemies zooming in and out with a sniper. Other premium gaming headsets can even pick up the sounds of suppressed guns more clearly.

In games like PUBG, Apex Legends, Fortnite, being able to hear where the footsteps exactly are or where gunshots are being shot from can give you an advantage as a gamer.

But it has to be noted, though, that the quality of the audio you’ll hear still depends on the make and model of the gaming headset. So be mindful of this feature if you value on-point audio queues more than anything.

3. Convenient and Versatile

There are two types of gamers: those who prefer to play alone and those who prefer to play with other people. If you’re the latter, then you know how important it is to actively communicate with your teammates.

Gaming headsets are basically headphones with microphones. This makes them all the more convenient if you want an all-in-one solution. But let’s face it: microphones on gaming headsets don’t really do a good job of picking up audio. It’s the reason why streamers invest in a dedicated microphone to offer their viewers stellar audio quality.

But since gaming headsets have greatly improved over the years, you can safely do without buying a separate mic these days, especially if you just want something you could use to play competitively and something you could use to communicate with teammates.

4. Utmost Comfort for Hours on End

Last but not least, comfort plays an essential role if you want to play competitively.

You may have the most comfortable gaming chair, the most responsive gaming mouse, the most tactile keyboard, or even the monitor with the highest refresh rate, but all these won’t really matter if you’re using the wrong headset. You see, gaming headsets can put a lot of pressure around your ears to the point that prolonged usage will force you to take it off eventually.

And because gaming headsets are made of different materials, sweat is also a potential problem. To avoid this, choose a headset that’s made of a certain type of material you’re comfortable with that also has a 12 oz padding or a memory foam. This should give you utmost comfort even if you play for hours on end.

Summing it Up

An expensive headset is not always the right headset for you, especially if you’re playing competitively.

But as long as it helps improve your focus, lets you hear audio queues more clearly, makes you a better teammate by actively communicating, and is comfortable for hours on end, then you know you’re going to become a better competitive gamer because you’re getting the right one.

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