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4 Reasonable Reasons People Are Afraid of SEO

Reasons People are Afraid of SEO, search engine optimization, small business owners, keywords, digital marketing

As a small business owner, you likely heard it suggested learning search engine optimization (SEO) and executing an online strategy for your business. Since, to find a service or business, most people turn to the internet first.

You realize that your business needs a website, and it will take a little bit of work to get it to show on the search engines. So, you spend some time and build a basic website for your business. You have the website up and running but not much happened. As it turns out, regardless of putting in your best efforts, your site is not “optimized” enough.

Although you understand that, you did not want to deal with any SEO stuff. You believe that SEO takes too much time, does not guarantee results, and is too technical. So, why waste your time?

Many small business owners feel the same way. Although they hear how important SEO is, they still hesitate to hire an agency such as 10X Plus Media Montreal or get started on their own.

Here are some aspects of search engine optimization that make novices hesitant about using it:

It is Not Magic

You will be frustrated and disappointed if you believe that SEO provides immediate profit and online success. Search engine optimization is a valuable tool for the profitability of your business, but it takes time before seeing a Return on Investment (ROI).

Due to the slow ROI of SEO, many small business owners believe it has little significance and makes it a low priority. However, if the strategy is done correctly, the desired results will come. They just will not be immediate. Be patient.

SEO is Time Consuming

SEO novices believe that this form of marketing is long and complicated. Yes, there are many factors to consider when optimizing, but they do not need to be completed at the same time. Again, be patient.

There are a few options for business owners undertaking SEO. One option would be to hand over the responsibilities and tasks of all the SEO to a digital marketing agency such as 10X Plus Media Montreal.

The other option would be to undertake the SEO tasks yourself. Do not begin by attempting to do it all at once but do it a little at a time.

It is Too Technical

Many SEO novices believe it is a complicated, technical process that is completed by a “smart computer nerd” or web developer. They feel unqualified to learn SEO or implement it.

Nevertheless, many aspects of SEO can be completed by virtually anyone. There is no need to have a background in computer development or networking. Basic SEO is simple to learn and only a few hours of learning is needed. When you are an SEO novice and your business is new, it is best to focus on executing only a few, simple, important SEO tactics and elements.

Do not get me wrong, there are technical elements, as well. Many small business owners think a digital marketing agency will overwhelm them with strange claims and industry-specific terms. However, a good agency will walk you through the entire strategy and answer any questions you may have.

Having Traffic But Not Customers

One of the more talked about elements of search engine optimization is keywords. Targeting and keyword research is a common method that is immediately introduced when you begin a new campaign. If you are doing a digital marketing campaign on your own, you might immediately run into a large number of relevant keywords and become a little overwhelmed with the many possibilities.

How exactly do you decide with keywords are the ones to focus on for your specific SEO strategy?

Coming up with buyers persona and learning and understanding keyword analytics can be helpful in gaining an idea which words your site is ranking and which words searchers are using to locate your site. Keywords can also be identified based on relevance, volume, and level of competition.

The more you examine your website and locate keyword patterns, the easier and faster it will be to recognize keywords that target the audience that is ready to change over from normal traffic to paying customers.

SEO does take effort, money, and time. The fears that it is too technical, time-consuming, or too complicated are common misconceptions individuals who are new to SEO have. After you learn more about search engine optimization yourself, you will become more confident and comfortable to execute your own marketing strategy or work with an agency like 10X Plus Media Montreal.

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