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4 Google Ranking Factors To Increase Website Visibility

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Ranking on Google is the ultimate goal for every business owner to achieve. However, it’s still a challenging task to date. Google’s algorithm changes every here and then. We won’t know if what worked today, will work tomorrow. 

Google has a significant impact on businesses. With over 63,000 searches every second, it is indeed the best place for people looking for any information. It means that the Google search result page determines your site visitors. In other words, more traffic leads to higher engagement and conversion rates.

When your site appears on the first page, you save your time convincing people how trustworthy your brand is. Google filters millions of websites carefully. It acts as the first reviewer before landing you on a higher rank. Some factors may determine your site’s credibility before it shows on the users’ search.

Although there’s no guarantee of how long it takes to rank on Google, we can learn from these factors to improve our site visibility. 

1. Content Quality

Having high-quality content is the ultimate path for everyone longing to get a better Google rank. Content serves as a great information source. It’s the first thing in mind when users type down a particular keyword. Basically, people expect to get relevant content when they search on Google.

Crafting fabulous content isn’t easy. You should position yourself based on the audience’s perspective. Content that tells meaningful stories will sell better than a typical promotion message. Blog posts or articles are excellent for sharing knowledge. However, as people are drawn into imagery and visual stuff, providing explainer videos on your site can help retain the information. 

2. Page Speed

It’s crucial to maintain fast page speed frequently. Imagine when a user lands on your site only to leave within seconds due to slow loading. It hurts your brand’s credibility.

People expect to receive information immediately. Low page speed will chase them away. This is another reason Google cites it as an important factor that drives more visitors. In 2018, Google announced to focus on desktop and mobile page speed to improve user experience. Moreover, Google will penalize slow-loading websites as it impacts users negatively.

3. User Experience

Google has measured user satisfaction based on several elements such as bounce rate, dwell time, and click-through-rate. For example, when a user visits your site and finds it irrelevant or unhelpful, Google will see it the same way. This is what we call bounce rate, a number of users visit then exiting your page in a short time.

The higher your bounce rate is the higher your chance of getting a lower rank than others. That’s because Google thinks your page isn’t relevant to the user’s search. The same way can also be overlooked by measuring how long people stay on your site. This duration (also called dwell time) signifies the right content that matches the user search.  

By improving the user experience, you’ll see the opportunity to rank better on Google. 

4. Links

Links are vital to building your site’s authority. They are one of the Google foundations of ranking algorithms. Without links, your site will sink down with little trace.

Talking about trace, links are crucial to help Google consider your site’s relevance and credibility. A backlink or inbound link, for example, has been used for years to support websites to appear more on the Google search engine result page. If other highly authoritative sites mention you back, you’ll gain support that recognizes your site’s trustworthiness.   


Google rank is critical to boosting website visibility. The reason is that a website acts as an online presence for the respective business. In a world where people use Google search to look for their needs, page appearance implies a brand’s credibility. Therefore, many seek a way to rank better on the Google search engine result page.

The higher your rank is, the more likely users are interested in visiting your site. However, you should maintain your content as it helps visitors linger on the page. These are some of the ways to increase your site rank. Consider the factors as your path to boost traffic to your site. 

Author’s Bio: Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). Twitter: @breadnbeyond, Email: , LinkedIn:

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