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When I was at CES I received an invite from 3M to experience their privacy screen protector.  Protecting my new MacBook’s screen seemed like a good idea since my 5 years old thinks it has an iPad touch screen. I even caught my wife poking the screen more than once.

What I was not aware of initially was just how effective this product is at providing privacy.  If you orient yourself just a little to the right or left of the screen, you’re not going to see much of anything on the screen. Since I use my MacBook in public a lot, this is a must to keep wandering eyes in check and protect my privacy.

3M Privacy Screen Protector

The 3M Privacy Screen Protector is reversible so you can choose between the anti-glare or the glossy side. The glossy side is gold or you can flip the filter over for a matte black anti-glare surface. 3M uses something called micro-louver technology on their privacy filters and privacy screen protectors.

These screen protectors are installed easily to the screen’s bezel with a non-hardening adhesive that is applied using the supplied adhesive strips. This method eliminates those annoying bubbles. You can detach and reattach the privacy screen protector many times without the adhesive losing its ability to hold the material in place. In addition to anti-glare and anti-smudge, these screen protectors protect screens against scratches, scuffs, and scrapes so you can go anywhere and do more.

This product is very effective at shielding your screen from shoulder surfers. It maintains touch screen sensitivity so it is also suitable for smartphones and tablets, as well as laptops and desktop monitors. This product is relevant in a number of businesses like health care of insurance where protection of the patient’s data is imperative as in the financial industry. Or in education or testing environments. In a government where protecting sensitive data is always a concern.

If you don’t mind going through an approval process you can request a free sample from 3M.  I received one and I am very pleased with it. Thank you 3M.

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