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3D Configurator Software: How it Increases Conversion Rates?

3D Configurator Software

The Salesforce CPQ solution (Configure, Price, Quote) has brought an amazing revolution in the product configuration market. It developed a system that creates real-time visual representations of products.

Following that, industry-specific 3D configurator software is on the rise, notably in the industries such as luxury goods, furniture, merchandising, jewelry, and cosmetics space.

But why enterprises and companies are investing in product configurators?

Read on as today we‘ll explore what a 3D configurator software is and how it benefits eCommerce businesses.

What is 3D configurator software?

Have you ever landed on an eCommerce website that allows you to customize a product such as its size, color, finish, and other factors that match your interests? That’s 3D configurator software.

If you never interacted with a configuration software before, it’s a software solution that can be used on your eCommerce store or app, allowing customers to buy configurable products.

Note that a product configurator software can integrate with CPQ, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to assist in the sales processes.

What are the benefits of product configurations?

Several major luxury brands such as Courbet, Baume & Mercier, Baccarat, and others are leveraging product configuration software for its proven benefits. Let’s take a look at what those benefits are and why you should also use 3D configurator software in your eCommerce platform, whether it’s Woocommerce, Shopify, or others.

1. Configurable products deliver greater satisfaction

When customers configure products, they expect the most premium quality which makes them more desirable. And when customers know they’re solely responsible for the design and appearance of a product, they feel a sense of ownership which makes them more satisfied with the final product.

Recent research by Bain & Co. has found that when customers designed their shoes, brands’ Net Promoter Score (NPS) got increased by 50%, which signifies a high level of user recommendations. This finding confirms the point that configuring products elevates the buying experience and customer loyalty as well.

2. Minimum acquisition costs and maximized purchase value

Recent research reveals that customers are willing to pay more for customized products. A Deloitte survey shows that one-fifth of the surveyed consumers who showed interest in 3D personalization were willing to pay 20% more for customized products.

Expressing these numbers into business intelligence, you can confirm that the customer acquisition costs can be lowered. How? Since the 3D configurator software allows brands to fetch more qualified leads, higher engagement rates, and higher conversion rates as we relayed in the research above.

3. 3D model accuracy

In comparison to video playbacks, 95% of customers prefer 3D interactive product visualization.

A premade video might not showcase all the features of the product customers are looking for. However, 3D configuration software allows customers to accurately view all the parts, options, and features to completely customize a product.

What’s more, by integrating configurator software with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), customers can visualize their customized products in real-time. This not only improves the omnichannel customer experience but also makes money for brands.

4. Streamlines the manufacturing process

Configurator software work well with the print-on-demand manufacturing process. Because the configurator grabs all the information that the customer inputs on the website and simplifies the production phase. Your CPQ, ERP, or CRM confirms the product options available in synchronization with the customer preferences.

This information can later be shared with the supply chain once the order has been placed.

5. Integration with third-party tools

As mentioned earlier, 3D configurator software can be integrated with third-party tools to fasten the sales process. For instance, the configuration rules mechanism can be triggered by real-time product customizations. It reveals the pricing and bill of materials with a custom price quote automation module. This makes the sales cycle transparent and makes customers trust brands more and reduces their anxieties about hidden charges.


Personalization, configuration, customer engagement, and interactive product visualizations are the new realities of eCommerce.

Such a shopping environment offered by 3D configuration solutions delivers a discernible in-store experience to online customers and helps them make purchase decisions without hesitation in no time, which leads to higher sales and conversions. Therefore, more and more businesses are coming toward the 3D configuration trend and embracing the power of the interactive 3D configuration.

If you’re interested in getting reliable and affordable 3D configurator software for your business, get in touch with Simplio3D to get a custom solution for your business and offer your customers a friendly and rich online shopping experience.

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