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38mm vs 42mm Apple Watch Size Comparison Photos [Mockups]

38mm vs 42mm Apple Watch size comparison

The Apple Watch announcement is just a couple days away now, folks! Hype and general buzz is at an all-time high, as we rumors, leaks, and blind speculation is spreading across the Internet. In this post, we will show you 38mm vs 42mm Apple Watch Size Comparison Photos.

The Apple Watch comes in two sizes: there’s a 38mm model, and a 42mm model. These millimeters stand for the Apple Watch’s face height. For a detailed look see superwatches sizing guide.

Now, the 38mm is obviously targeted at women, and/or men with slimmer wrists and/or people who just prefer a smaller wristwatch. I personally belong to this category; large watch-dials I do not find all that attractive. The 42mm option is for men, and/or people with larger wrists.

Which one should you get, you ask? Well, it is not an easy thing to answer right away. We have shown you Apple Watch photos in real life, but we still strongly recommend you go to your nearest Apple Store to try out both sizes before deciding on your favorite, and final size.

However, if the excitement of the Apple Watch event is making you restless, fear not! There is a good way to estimate/visualize the size of the two Apple Watch options.

38mm Apple Watch mockup on wrist

38mm Apple Watch on wrist

38mm vs 42mm Apple Watch size comparison

42mm Apple Watch on wrist

As you can see, the 42mm dial looks positively gigantic even on what appears to be an average male wrist.

Based on our knowledge, there are no other technical differences between the two Apple Watch devices. If Apple does indeed announce any differences, our leaning towards the smaller (and possibly weaker) device will falter.

Now that you have knowledge of how 38mm vs 42mm Apple Watch size comparison works out, see photos of the Apple Watch with leather band, and visualize different band & dial combinations with Mix Your Watch.

(via MacRumors Forums)

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