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3 Free Online Grammar Checkers That Can Be Used On Any Device

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Writing is a creative activity.  All writers are focused on what to bring into the content to make it flow, engaging, and be interesting to the reader. In the era of digital marketing, writers are aimed at producing informative and educational articles. Articles that motivate the reader to take a call-to-action or visit the business website.  The focus is on the type of content that goes into the articles and blogs.

Though no one becomes a good writer without basic knowledge of English grammar, there is the chance of committing grammatical and punctuation errors. The focus throughout lengthy content creation is more on the type of content that goes in so grammatical errors can be missed. The reader will not be interested in reading content if it is dipped in grammatical and punctuation errors. There is also the chance that the content is miscommunicated to the reader. Enter the grammar checker.

Content checking on different devices

Content is the king of digital marketing today. It is no surprise if you are not able to find a business without a website.  Irrespective of the type of content that is drafted, the grammar in the content has to be intact to communicate the information. The grammar in the content also plays a crucial role in writing e-mails, texting, and various professional tasks. Digital communication is no longer limited to computers; the content is drafted in e-mails on smartphones and tablets as well.   You need the assistance of a few grammar tools that can work effectively in helping you check the grammar of the text.

How do free online tools help you?

After you finish composing the content, manual proofreading is recommended to correct any major issues in the content. Grammar checking tools online tools will act as editors for the digital content on different devices. Irrespective of the device you are using to draft the content, grammar tools online dig deep into the grammatical errors and trace them for you to take the necessary action. Three free online grammar tools can work effectively on any device.


This is one of the free editing software you can use when you are looking for grammatical corrections of sentences on different devices.   Once the content is uploaded on the tool, it will suggest the needed corrections in the content. It is the writer who decides to take the suggested correction in the content or not. Premium versions of this online tool are embedded with features like plagiarism check. The tool can be enabled on chrome and help you with highlighting the errors as you draft the content.

Grammar lookup

This is another online grammar tool that is compatible with multiple devices.   The tool is free to use and user-friendly. The developers have made it easy for the novice to use. Apart from being free punctuation checker, the tool also scrutinizes for errors digging deep into the content and also suggests necessary corrections, and helps to increase the readability of the content.  Using the tool to check the content before you digitalize minimizes the chance of blunders in the content which most writers commit unknowingly.


As a writer, you might know that apart from having the right usage of articles in the content to minimize errors, drafting the right sentence structure in the content holds vital importance to communicate the right message to the reader. The tools are popularly known for ensuring the sentence structure in the content is right. The free sentence structure checker will not go by auto-correction in the content. The tool suggests to the writer the possible corrections that can be made in the sentence to communicate the right information to the reader. It helps to improve style issues in the content. Grammar check, punctuation check is, however, part of the algorithm.  Just have to type/ paste the content in the tool and hover over for underlined words to find out the better options and make the content-rich.

They assure privacy for the content loaded on the site. Make use of these tools to make your content not only engaging but also perfect.

Since this article was originally published, we came across another grammar checker worth mentioning.

This AI-driven writing assistant by helps you keep a consistent writing voice across your organization, no matter which team member is drafting the material. Not only does it suggest appropriate vocabulary and help bring clarity through proper grammar and spelling, it also offers content correction based on your custom style guide.

To streamline your team’s writing, you can share word lists and dictionaries across the company, provide detailed writing dos and don’ts, and establish a robust mechanism to reflect your brand message in whatever you write.’s tool is compatible with Google Chrome, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word. Edit emails, documents, support tickets, web copy, social media posts, product marketing, product UX, and everything else.

Author: Naman Sharma is the professional copywriter and guest blogger at WLP Free Trials & Collagen Products Blog. He is also passionate about link building and social media management.

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