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3 Fellow Products That Coffee Lovers Would Appreciate Having In Their Homes

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Crema, Cupping, Roast, Finish, Balance, Grind & Arabica – these are the words that bring a smile to every coffee lover across the globe. If you are an avid coffee drinker and are looking for fancy, high-quality coffee ware that will look great on your kitchen counters, then give fellow products a try.

Here are the three Fellow products that will look great on your counters. Owning them will make you love having and sharing a cup of coffee with loved ones special.

  • Ode Brew Grinder – Ode Brew Grinder is one of the best Fellow Grinders in the market. It is not only a perfect home grinder but is equally able to handle the bustling stress of cafes. Today, companies sell grinders that can tackle brewed coffee and espresso, but these machine grinders are unable to master either one of those grinds. On the contrary, Ode Brew grinders are specifically designed for grinding brewed coffee. These brewed coffee styles include – pour-over, french press, cold, and more such types of coffee grinds.

The key features of Ode Brew Grinder is the ability to guarantee grind quality of the coffee beans and consistency to brew a great coffee cup. With the help of a powerful motor and PID feedback control, the grind is predictable even in particle size. The design of the grinder is carefully engineered to set Ode Grinders apart from the others in the pack. The deliberate details of the designs are perfect for any home and cafe. As a small coffee shop owner or a home coffee brewer, this is a must-have piece in your coffee collectives.

  • Duo Coffee Steeper – Duo’s 2nd GEN immersion brewer, is made with etched steel filters and is able to ensure full-bodied, clean-tasting cups. It is similar to a french press but with a chamber that lets coffee grounds stay submerged for a fuller more robust extraction. However, unlike the French Press, the filter system in Duo Coffee Steeper ensures that all the brew grind stays at the bottom of the steeper cup. This ensures that not a single brew is under extracting coffee.

The key features of Duo Coffee Steeper is its upper brewing chamber, and its ability to brew the best flavor and aroma optimally, in each sip. The Duo aspect of this steeper makes it able for you to twist and separate the coffee from its grounds and vary the strength of the coffee brew.

  • Monty Milk Art Cups – If you were looking for the best coffee cups to gift yourself, then these fellow products coffee canisters are a must-have in your coffee mug collection. Monty milk art cups are sleek in shape and have a double wall ceramic layer that is perfect for drinking yummy cups of espresso-based drinks. The parabolic slope in the cups helps lift the crema to the top of the drink. This is perfect for making latte art.

The key feature of this pitcher is the parabolic slope that helps to lift crema and latte art. They are perfect for stacking up; this makes storing them easy, unlike other mugs that will fall over when stacked. They also have a double-wall ceramic that keeps the coffee hotter for a longer period.

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