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3 Copywriting Tips For Writing Irresistible Blogs

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Have you ever found yourself faced with the threat of a blank page?

You are sitting at the computer with a great idea for the next article you want to publish. You have a couple of lines and you erase them. They don’t convince you. You try it again without success. You have a very clear idea, but you can’t quite find a way to express it. If you really don’t have enough time, you can contact a reliable writing service, Graduateowls. 

But if you want to do it yourself, do not suffer, because it has happened to all of us.

And it is very likely that your problem has an easy solution. With some tips for writing content, you will be able to express what you want in a clear, attractive way and without spending hours in front of the computer.

And that is exactly what we teach you today.

1. Organize the text of your article

If there’s one step you can’t skip, this is it. Before you start writing (and notice what I say before!) Brainstorm and outline the points you want to make and how you will distribute them throughout the text. It can be in the form of history, a list, by sections …

There is no point in starting to write without a plan.

Distribute the text into sections with titles and use short paragraphs. Also, you can use other tools such as colors, charts, or lists. Visually, the text will be much fresher and more inviting to read, and it will also be much clearer and easier for the reader to understand. Remember that the word “clear” is key for a text to be easy to digest and stick to the end. 

2. Ask questions the answer to which is YES

Have you noticed that this article begins with a question? Have you ever been faced with the threat of a blank page? It is a psychological trick that is used very often in advertising writing or copywriting.

On the one hand, it creates a feeling of empathy, of “you have read my mind!”, “How did you know that I have exactly this problem?” And according to psychology, we like more to deal with people with whom we have points in common and who we think are similar to us. On the other hand, the more you get people to say yes, the more likely it is that they will end up saying yes later to some action you want them to take (such as hiring a service or subscribing to a blog).

3. Use numbers in the headlines of your blog posts

The numbers and statistics can help you generate great interest in your content. In addition, they help us to understand in a very graphic and clear way what they are telling us. What effect do they have on the human mind? In the first place, they attract our attention and arouse our curiosity. In a title, for example, this point is very important for someone to decide if they want to spend their valuable time reading our article or another. Second, they are easy for the human mind to read and help us process information quickly.

And finally, they convey confidence to the reader. The confidence that we have informed ourselves and are an “authority” in the field in question. They convey an image of organization and clarity and even create the feeling that we offer valuable information.

Take the three steps above seriously and you’ll realize you’ve written something!

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