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3 Best Seo Techniques That Will Triple Your Sales This Season

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has and will always be one of the key ways to successful businesses online. This simply refers to driving traffic to your site for free. It also refers to attracting organic traffic. That is, when people search for a query on Google or any other search engine, they click on your site.

To get effective traffic and crazy sales from Search Engine Optimization and search engine leads, you must optimize your site to the first Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS). However, there is a major challenge that has become a hard nut to crack and the fear of many businesses; the ever-changing Google algorithms.

One day it will be on the keyword side and the next it will favor searchers intent focused content. This has made it hard for some businesses to keep up with SEO rules and maintain high ranks on Google. The best solution for this problem is to always keep updated on the algorithms. Advertising is another avenue to explore. Facebook ads course Singapore can provide more details on this option.

Regardless, there would always be the main points of success as far as SEO is concerned. Here are the 5 SEO techniques from experts you must practice to rank higher on Google.

1. Searchers Intent

This has recently become the main talk in the streets of Google and SEO. Now more than ever, Google is focusing on giving users more value rather than caring how much research content creators and businesses are doing for the keywords. 

In simple terms, searchers’ intent is the intentions behind why users are typing the queries they are. You should focus on studying your audience, their problems, and the solutions they are seeking, as well as their queries, and focus on providing them with answers.

Chances of users navigating your site longer are higher if they can find value and the answers they were looking for. This in turn translates to Google ranking your site to provide users with the right answers and which translates to more traffic, which translates to more deals sealed. 

2. Keyword vs. Topic Clusters

Once upon a time, keyword research was the main path to SEO success. Any business that was able to crack this nut made it. Not anymore. This is not to mean that Search Engines have thrown keywords out of the window. It only means that there’s more to it rather than a bunch of words.

Now, keywords go hand in hand with topic clusters. Topic clusters are simply topics and content in your site that relate. This means you link relevant content that is related to ‘clusters’.  This includes creating a cluster and pillar pages. The purpose this technique achieves includes three things;

  • Meeting searchers’ intent
  • Makes your site better and resourceful
  • Increase the chances for each of the cluster pages to rank. 

3. User Interface And Experience

The user interface and experience on your site help in boosting your SEO. This simply refers to exactly what the name suggests; the experience your site gives your visitors. Some of the things to focus on while improving your user interface and experience include;

  • Readability of content on your site. Opt to use shorter paragraphs, shorter sentences, more spaces, bullet points, and above all a simple language, easy to understand. 
  • Use of visuals. Images and videos are a great way to keep your visitors engaged, entertained, informed, educated, and longer on your site.
  • Optimize for mobile. More people are on their phones these days than they are on their laptops and desktops. This means optimizing for your mobile users would give more people a great experience on your site.
  • Voice search is also another trending behavior amongst web users and visitors. More people are multitasking with their gadgets. For example, one could be driving and at the same time wants to find a map. In this case, instead of typing, they just use a voice search.
  • Loading time and general performance of the site. No one has the time to wait around for a whole minute for a site to load when they could find the result they are seeking on the next site. Make sure your site’s loading time is nothing more than 2 seconds.

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