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3 Best Running Apps For Apple Watch


One of the primary purposes of the Apple Watch – besides telling you the time, of course – is to help you lead a more active daily lifestyle by tracking physical activity (or in my case, the lack thereof). With that in mind, we have covered the best 4 running apps for Apple Watch. Check them out after the jump.

running apps for apple watch

In no particular order…

Nike+ Running For Apple Watch

nike+ running apps for apple watch

The Nike+ Running app integrates with the Nike+ app for iPhone to display relevant information for your ongoing run right on your wrist. You can see your distance covered so far, speed, and duration without taking your phone out. Other little niceties includes getting notifications when one of your Nike+ friends ‘cheer you on’. Lastly, you can use Bluetooth headphones to wirelessly listen to music.

Nike+ will be available for Apple Watch on launch day. You can download it from the App Store tab within the Apple Watch app for iPhone.

Strava For Apple Watch

strava running app for apple watch

Strava is similar to Nike+ Running app for Apple Watch in that it displays real-time information of your cycling ride or run on your wrist. It differs from Nike+ by showing additional information such as elevation gain, and heart rate. Similar to Nike+, it notifies you when you reach certain goals.

Strava will be available on Apple Watch’s launch day.

Runtastic For Apple Watch

runtastic running app for apple watch

Runtastic is one of, if not the most popular running app for iPhone. Its purpose is exactly the same as the previous app, but adds additional information of how many calories you’ve burned.

If you are reading this after the Apple Watch has launched, launch the Apple Watch app on iPhone, go to the App Store tab and search for Runtastic!

How To Select Which Running App To Use

It’s really not that difficult. Chances are, if you are an active runner or rider, you already use one of these apps on your iPhone. Download the app which you’re already using to reap the benefits of the Apple Watch.

On the other hand (pun intended), we recommend Runtastic if you’re starting out with the world of running apps for Apple Watch. Runtastic for Apple Watch is indeed less powerful and pretty-looking than its competitors, but the in-depth post-run report that you’ll see on your iPhone is worth it. Runtastic will also obviously keep on improving their app for Apple Watch, so you’ll see a better app in no time at all. We recommend Strava next since Nike+ is designed to push you to get into the Nike ecosystem.

Check out more apps on the official Apple Watch website [Link].

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