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2022 Latest Guide: How to Ship Alcohol Internationally

Alcoholic Beverages

Shipping an alcoholic beverage within the country is not easy. It is far from the usual drop-off parcels at the local post office. But although it is difficult to do, it is still possible.

What more if you want to deliver fine wine across other countries? There are shipping requirements, and preparations are a lot complicated. Plus, taxes and regulations to consider. Find out how to ship alcohol internationally through this quick guide.

Ask for a Permit

A license is vital when shipping alcohol overseas. It is a must-have whether you’re about to import or export alcoholic beverages.

Various permits are necessary for crossing different borders. Apply for a license to manufacture, sell, or distribute spirits. Make sure to follow the instructions to obtain the legal documents. It ensured that you were alright, settled, and approved for the venture.

If you want to ship alcohol internationally, accomplish this first step. Other essential matters follow through once you have permission to deliver such goods.

Choose a Shipping Carrier

After securing the permit, choose a shipping carrier. Each shipping provider set regulations for customers to follow. Check them out and find out which one fits your needs.


Despite having a prominent name in the industry, USPS doesn’t ship any liquor. The company prohibits restrictive substances like beer and wine. So even if you attempt to mail even the used boxed for alcohol, the shipment is not permitted. Better look for a better option to ship alcohol internationally.


UPS ships alcohol drinks from sellers to their customers, as long as they have proper permits. These are their requirements:

  • State alcohol licenses for UPS alcohol shipping
  • UPS Approved Spirit Shippers Agreement
  • Appropriate UPS packaging for spirits
  • Signature of a 21-year-old adult or older upon delivery of the UPS box
  • The package contains a shipping label designed for special alcoholic drinks


FedEx asks for requirements similar to UPS but customizes them to FedEx’s standards. These are as follows:

  • A FedEx account owner
  • Contact a FedEx executive through customer service
  • FedEx Alcohol Shipping Agreement
  • Use either FedEx Ship Manage or 3PL approved by FedEx
  • Identify alcohol shipments through the shipping software
  • Proper FedEx packaging for spirits
  • Complete alcohol shipping label
  • Eligible adult signature upon delivery


DHL specializes in overseas shipments. Prepare the following:

  • DHS’s Agreement to Transport Alcoholic Beverages
  • Follow the FDA and TTB guidelines and regulations
  • State alcohol licenses for DHL alcohol shipping
  • Federal basic and shipping permits issued by the state
  • Customers have required licenses to receive the shipment

You now know the requirements of each shipping service. Abide by them so you can legally ship alcohol internationally.

Pack Alcohol Accordingly

Packaging is crucial if you want to ship spirits overseas.

Inner Packaging

Carriers check the way you secure the drinks inside. A folded corrugated tray, molded EPS foam, or molded fiber tray does the work. Place the bottles in the center of the box. Keep it away from the side walls.

A die-cut corrugated inner packaging is also acceptable. But you need to inform the carrier that the manufacturer does a pre-shipment test. It assures the safe travel of alcohol across the world.

Outer Packaging

Aside from the protection inside, the package also needs a shield outside. Sturdy corrugated containers will do the trick. Seal all the closure flaps securely. Use pressure-sensitive tape both on top and bottom of the box.

Don’t forget to attach the shipping label. Make sure it is visible, easy to read, and scan. This way, it can reach its rightful owner on time.

If you want to ship alcohol internationally, the packaging makes it possible. But, unfortunately, lousy boxing might end up with damaged or broken bottles.

Follow Regulations on How to Ship Alcohol Internationally

Alcoholic beverages are dangerous goods. Its flammability makes it a regulated material. That’s why there are must meet specific regulations to ship alcohol internationally.

Notify the carrier about shipping alcohol overseas

Shipping carriers play an essential role in the success of alcohol delivery. If you want customers to receive their drink, advise the airline about the package content. This way, they can adequately handle it.

Also, it avoids any interruptions during the shipment. If the shipping provider has all the necessary permits, the travel of the beverage will be hassle-free.

Pay the surcharge

Whatever item you ship outside the country, taxes follow. The same goes when you ship alcohol internationally. So be responsible enough by paying duty and surcharges that come with it. Negligence in settling the fees might hold the alcohol shipment.

Make sure that all these fees are legit and accurately calculated. Research all the various taxes and surcharges. It gives you an estimate of how much to pay. Also, it saves you from being a victim of overcharging.

Signature of an adult upon delivery of the package

Upon arrival at the client’s doorstep, an adult must sign for the package. It serves as proof that the recipient of the alcoholic beverage is not a minor. Also, it holds the adult accountable for receiving such dangerous goods. In a way, it protects both the seller and the buyer of the spirit.

Pack the drink properly

Wine bottles are sensitive items. Therefore, it is a must to secure them at all costs. That’s the primary reason why shopping carriers set guidelines for packing the bottles properly.

The instructions above make it clear how indispensable appropriate packaging is. The inside and outside parts of the box must be sealed and secure to avoid breaking. Failure to do so means damage to the items. Which, in return, a loss of sales.

Fortunately, sending and receiving a delicate wine bottle is now possible with Red Stag. It is an eCommerce fulfillment service with a wide range of products, alcohol included. Also, it offers multiple tools and services for the fast and easy shipment of goods. Plus, it applies techniques to save on elements like DIM weight.

Avoid dilemmas. Follow the guidelines on securely packing an alcoholic drink before shipping globally. It might cost a higher shipping fee charged on customers, but they will appreciate an undamaged item handled professionally. Include the way you dealt with the shipping on your website. Design Doxa can help you make an exciting yet informative page on your website.

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