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2020: The Year to Change Career?

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Is finding a brand-new job one of your New Year’s resolutions? Or perhaps it’s your only aspiration for 2020? Either way, you certainly aren’t alone in hoping the start of this new year (and decade) is the time for a change. More than half of Brits are at least thinking about moving jobs in 2020 – and the number of people finding themselves in that position is going up every year.

There are loads of reasons why you might want to change who you work for. It ranges from looking for a better work/life balance to increasing how much you earn. For some, however, it’s simply the chance to do something completely different. And there now appears to be a growing trend here in the UK where professionals are hitting the reset switch and embarking on a career change.

But how can you make such a dramatic shift work for you?

What do you enjoy doing?

If you’re thinking about changing your career, the world is your oyster. To work out which path you want to choose, have a think about what you enjoy doing. If you like writing, for example, could a creative role such as copywriting or journalism be the way forward? Are you outdoorsy? There is no shortage of careers that can turn the natural environment into your office.

What industries are booming?

Don’t make the mistake of switching careers to a sector in decline or without long-term security. You could end up back at square one before you know it. That’s why it’s worth discovering which industries are on the rise. Tech, infrastructure delivery and even something more unique like gin production are among those research has found to be going from strength to strength in 2020.

Do you have transferrable skills?

If you’re changing careers, you might need to demonstrate how your skills can transfer from one to the other. Don’t worry about lacking sector-specific knowledge and expertise – an employer could be just as interested (or more) in your interpersonal skills and what you can bring to a new role.

Making finances work

One thing you can’t afford to overlook (literally) when changing careers is the likelihood that you’ll be taking a pay cut. This shouldn’t be a barrier to your ambitions, of course. But it could mean you need to do some careful budgeting – particularly in the short-term. One way to do this is to review your outgoings to see if anything can be put on holds such as gym memberships or media services.

Create new connections

Get to know people working in and around your chosen new career path. See who can put you on track with the right opportunities, whether it’s a friend of a friend or someone you encounter at a dedicated event. You might even come across someone who made the same move as yourself!

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