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15 Creative Things You Can Do With Your Old Coffee Machine

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Your old coffee machine may have served its purpose over the years, but surprisingly, there are still a lot of creative things that you can do to preserve its working functions. The various types of coffee machines like those at expresso blog give you a wide variety of creative things that you can do with them. Repurpose your old machine to make other drinks or food types with these imaginative ideas.

1. Make pancakes

One of the most surprising ideas that your old coffee machine can add to your breakfast is to have warm pancakes. If the heat plate of your old coffee maker is functioning well, it sure can take a small amount of batter for a warm pancake to pair with your cup of Joe. Make sure the heating plate is preheated first, then add the batter of your taste for a great breakfast.

2. Warm cocoa

An alternative to your coffee that will give you a warm hug in the morning is a hot cocoa drink. Old coffee machines will not have a hard time making this cup, just fill the carafe in your latte machine halfway with your milk of choice, and then add your dark or sweet chocolate chips. You can also add a cup of heavy cream. After that, you can set the carafe on the heating plate for a warm cocoa drink.

3. Make oatmeal

Breakfasts don’t need to be heavy, and oatmeal is the perfect bowl to have for a quick first meal of the day. Simply pour water onto the reservoir and the oatmeal in the carafe. Just leave the basket empty and then brew your breakfast away. Your first meal does not have to be complex. If you have a latte machine you just have to be creative with coffee machines.

4. Soft-boiled eggs

Another breakfast idea that isn’t completely new to those living in a dorm is having soft-boiled eggs in a coffee machine. Skip the hassle of boiling water, and just add the eggs in the carafe and hit the water-only brew in your coffee machine.

5. Grilled cheese sandwich

Breakfast isn’t the only meal that your coffee machine can make. Grill a cheese sandwich immediately after you have brewed your coffee. Make sure you have sprayed your bread with some butter. You can also put a pan on the burner if you don’t want it directly on the burner.

6. Steam your vegetables

A few vegetables like broccoli can easily be steamed up in the coffee machine. Chop your veggies and place them in the basket. Fill the reservoir, and run a brew cycle depending on the water level. You are good to go in an instant with your steamed vegetables for lunch or dinner.

7. Make ramen noodles

The easiest recipe the coffee machine can offer aside from that glorious cup of coffee is a ramen noodle. Just place your dried noodles in the pot and set it to brew. Don’t forget to add the flavour packet and all the other ingredients that you like with your ramen. Wait for a few minutes and indulge in your tasty ramen.

8. Mash potatoes

Pair your dinner easily with mashed potatoes right from your coffee machine. Chop your potatoes into chunks that will fit inside your carafe. Run a brewing cycle and you may enjoy a set of potatoes that can be easily mashed in no time. You may want to add an extra brewing cycle if you want a softer set of potatoes.

9. Poach salmon

Dinners are also covered in your coffee machine. You may wonder how impossible having some fish cooked in a coffee machine, but a poached salmon can be done with ease. Add your seasoned salmon to the coffee pot. You may also add a slice of lemon on top. Make a brew cycle as usual, then allow the salmon to poach for about 8-10 minutes. The opaque and flaky skin will tell you that your poached salmon is ready for dinner.

10. Steep tea

A creative alternative to your coffee does not have to be complicated. You can steep some loose tea leaves in your coffee press for that well-extracted flavour in your cup.

11. Make couscous

There’s nothing your coffee machine can’t handle, so this fluffy grain will effortlessly be cooked in a matter of minutes. Just add your couscous to the carafe and add about 1 and ¼ cups of water for every cup of couscous in the reservoir. Run a few brewing cycles, and you can enjoy a healthier meal in a blink of an eye.

12. Juice berries

Your French press can save you time when you want to juice out your berries or any fruit when you’re throwing a cocktail party. Just place your berries at the bottom and gently press the plunger to juice them out. This is also easier to strain out for seeds.

13. Rinse grains

Skip the rogue kernels in your quinoa because you can actually rinse your grains with a coffee maker. First, pour your grain of choice in the French press. As you press the plunger, gently shake and swirl it through to make sure all grains are rinsed. You can strain without hassle afterwards.

14. Drain soup stocks

Although simmering your stocks cannot really be outdone in the coffee machine, you can use your French press to steep and drain your soup stock without the stress. You can also add your favourite herb in the carafe to infuse your flavoured stock with a richer and tastier flavour.

15. Infuse oils

Fans of flavoured olive oil will rejoice with how they can infuse their oil with their favourite herbs. Choose your favourite herbs and spices and add them to the French press. Add the oil next and occasionally press down the strainer while the mixture is extracting out the flavour. When you are satisfied with your oil’s strength, gently press the strainer and maintain that the oil is clear. You may then pour it into your bottle or container of choice.

There are still a lot of creative things you can do with your old coffee machine. Some tricks will even go beyond the kitchen. But of course, a full meal from breakfast to supper will have you covered with your coffee machine at home. Don’t limit your coffee machine’s capabilities to the coffee grounds, you can always try it with other food types and drinks.

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