15 Must Have Business Website Features

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15 Business Website Features

The Web is the media to reach a mass audience with ease and speed today! Having a business website to create an online business presence is necessary and important. Creating a website is definitely a very detailed and effort taking task. As a business, you expect your website to be unique and lively. It should be attractive, fascinating & interesting so that people will visit the website often, almost daily!

To achieve this, website design is one factor. There such numerous factors if you pay attention that will help you make your business website efficient, fast, useful & qualitative!

In this article, we will limit our focus to 15 interesting Small Business Website features that are useful for all types, sizes, and kinds of websites.

What plays a key role in the success of your website are keywords, logos, titles, content and then design, images & layout. It might sound complicated and overwhelming, that’s why it is important to follow best practices. Here is what will bring success to your business website. Once your website is complete you will need to focus on building your brand. 

Features essential to an effective, useful small business website:

  • Server Hosting:

When it comes to setting up a website you need a reliable, fast, and good hosting service provider. So that you get maximum uptime on your website. SiteGround fulfills all these requirements and is one of the best hosting services. We provide Site Ground web hosting coupons that in turn will help in a good brand reputation and make your business available online 24×7. Security is yet another important aspect when selecting a hosting service. Loss of income or identity theft is an issue that arises due to a lack of security. It is best to have SFTP (Secured FTP) and SSL (Secured Socket Layer) access to maintain a secure website.

  • Domain Name:

The domain name is the identity of your business on the internet. It will help your business with brand building. Not having your domain name gives an amateur look to your business website. It also helps you set up professional email addresses for your business.

  • Business Tagline & Logo:

The tagline tells who you are and why you are into the specific business. It shows how different you are in the business you are doing. A logo defines the identity and purpose of your business. It is a visual cornerstone of your business. The Tagline and Logo are essential for your branding strategy and are a must-have for your business website.  See for more information on brand building.

  • Images:

The human mind is more comfortable with images as they are easy to remember and relate to.
Images add visual appeal to the information on the web page, helping the viewer to maintain interest & attention. It also helps to communicate your business or ideas visually. Avoid using large image files as that will add load time to the webpage. Provide textual equivalent alternatives for images where needed and recommended. When using text in images one needs to ensure enough contrast for ease of readability.

  • Business information:

About us page, is a brief introduction to your business. It helps website visitors to know about your business, products, and services.  Privacy Policy is a legal document that will protect your business privacy and so is very important.

  • Interactive Features:

FAQ section on your web page defines the effectiveness of your online business marketing. Through a FAQ you can give answers to more specific questions about your business offerings. The correct questions and answers will make a significant impact. Blog page is an interface between your business and website users. It is like a social CRM that will help you generate awareness about your business. It is a tool that you can use to make people trust you.

  • Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and Testimonials are one of the most trusted resources for buyers when they are researching a product or services. Constructive suggestions or good reviews will always help your business either to improve it or get more customers.

  • Quality Content

Quality Content is one of the key features as it builds the perception of your business. With useful, simple, and quality content, you will provide a reason for your visitors to come back to your website.

  • Small but important features:

Small but important items not to miss are clear and simple contact information, like email address, phone numbers, and office address with location map. Social media these days is the best way to connect with your clients/customers. Clearly, information about your business working hours would help visitors to contact you during the time of availability.

  • Anti-Spam feature:

Another point to consider from a security perspective is the protection of the website from any attacks by using Anti-Spam.

  • Readability:

Ease of reading with a clear font and mobile responsiveness will add value to your website. Today people carry the internet in their pocket. So websites should be mobile friendly and should be easily readable on mobile devices.

  • Ease of updates:

Having the ability to easily update a page and meta description (quick page summary) makes website management easy. Similarly, the URL structure should be easy to update. The simpler the URL structure the better it is.

  • Cross browser compatibility:

There are so many browsers in the market today. Cross-browser compatibility will maximize your reach ability to website viewers.

  • Precautions:

Small but important things like minimum or no use of flash element or background music or videos on your business website will you keep it safe and optimum.

  • Analysis and Monitoring:

You can use Google Analytics to monitor and track your website traffic. It is a free web analytics service that Google offers and it is one of the best analytics tools available. Your webmasters maintain your business websites for you. Tools like Google Search Console (earlier known as Google Webmaster Tools) allows them to perform checks like indexing status, optimize website visibility, etc. Moreover, it is also a no-charge service by Google.

To conclude, if you include all the features mentioned above, you will definitely be able to have an effective, useful and interesting website for your business.

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