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11 Tips to Hire Freelancers Without Losing Your Mind

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Freelancers are amazingly helpful when hands are tied, and you don’t have time to take on a task. They become superheroes when you have little or no knowledge of the task at hand. However, while freelancers can do you a lot of good, they can cause you a massive headache. There are millions of freelancers on hundreds of freelancing platforms on the internet. Follow the tips below to pick the right freelancer. Otherwise, reach out to iTonic for all your SEO services.

1. Take your time

Hiring a perfect freelancer is not an easy task. You will need to exercise a lot of patience when you are looking for a freelancer. If time’s not on your side, you may get lucky, but this doesn’t happen every time. 

2. Decide what you need

If you have freelanced before, you’ll know that some clients are not sure what they want. Before you go looking for a freelancer, you need to define the service you need. For instance, a content writer is quite different from a copywriter. So hiring a content writer for a copywriting job may not exactly work out.

3. If possible, ask associates

The only reason why freelancers are many is that the clients are many. Someone close to you may have hired a freelancer before. You can ask your associates before you start the search for freelancers. 

4. Head on to standard freelancing sites 

There are freelancing platforms where you have many freelancers with different levels of skills. Freelance platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, will give you reviews of freelancers so that you can have an idea of their experience and expertise. These freelancers on each platform will have different prices based on expertise. 

5. Put up a job summary 

When you’re looking for a good freelancer, you have to know what you need. On some of these platforms, you have the opportunity to put up a small summary of the job you need. This summary may be less than one hundred words, but as much as possible, it must explain all that you want from the freelancer.

6. Contact freelancers

On some freelance platforms, you may have to be the one to do the hard work of searching for freelancers. For instance, on Fiverr, you search for jobs, and you are given freelancer options. But for a platform like Upwork, you post your job, and freelancers with the requisite skills will bid for the job. Once you have contacted freelancers, the next thing is to check.

7. Check work experience

In the world of freelancing, experience and reviews matter. Check the portfolios and reviews of the freelancers that you contact to be sure of the skills. 

8. Have a clarity session

It’s crucial for you and the freelancer you contact to be on the same page. As a result, you should have a virtual meeting where you clearly state what you need. 

9. Give a comfortable deadline

Deadlines are essential when working with freelancers to foster discipline. However, to ensure work quality, you should set a reasonable deadline. Remember, this person doesn’t work for you alone. 

10. Try out a trial project first

Irrespective of the experience and portfolio, it’s always better to have a test job with your freelancer before you continue. 

11. Pay for the value

You’re getting value from the freelancer, so you need to pay the money back. Don’t look for a freelancer with unreasonable rates. Pay for the value.

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