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11 Reasons Why Cooling Tower Is a Great Idea

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We’ll get to the 11 reasons why but first we address what is on your mind. What is a cooling tower? It does exactly as the name suggests, the cooling effect involves water and air. The air and water are in direct contact with the aim of lowering the water temperature. The heat is lost when a volume of the water is evaporated, the rest is reused and that’s the cooling action. The keyword here is evaporated not boiled, there is a huge difference between evaporation and boiling. Visit askanydifference to know.

11 Reasons Why The Cooling Tower Is A Great Idea

Sara cooling towers are a great move that is long overdue. The reasons being;

1. Cooling towers are perfect for large-scale air conditioning, especially where water or land is expensive.

They are used mostly in large hospitals, buildings, and schools.  With the help of the cooling tower fills the surface area of the water and contact time between the air and water is increased.

Fresh cold water is refilled for maximum performance of the cooling tower. If water is not added there will be an accumulation of solids which will interfere with the running of the cooling tower.

Cooling towers are effective for air conditioning and cooling in the places mentioned above. 

2. Cooling towers are cost-effective.

Bigger cooling towers are used in food processing plants, power plants and natural gas processing plants among other industries.

The capital spent on contracting and maintaining a cool tower is incomparable to other cooling systems.

We at Sara cooling tower offer quality cooling tower parts of great quality at affordable prices.

Water used in the cooling tower may require you to pay but the air is totally free.

3. Cooling towers are energy efficient.

The whole planet has been looking for alternative sources of energy and now with global warming and all we need to practice energy saving.

Most of the energy consumption is on driving the fan

The main aim of having a free cooling system is to save energy. HVAC can provide the cooling needs of a building or a plant

4. The towers are eco-friendly as they reduce the use of chemicals in cooling systems.

Only natural elements are involved, being air and water. The only chemicals used are for water treatment.

The end product of the cooling process is not radioactive. The evaporated water is released into the atmosphere and it resembles a fine misty cloud.

If you notice the misty cloud coming out of the cooling tower don’t be alarmed it is totally safe.

5. The cooling tower requires minimal or no supervision.

Cooling towers is one of type of equipment that was designed to perform functions with minimal to almost no supervision. We can all let engineers claim the not full cooked success they deserve it.

Minimal attention doesn’t mean neglect the cooling tower entirely as it may lead to loose connections and failing bearing that requires regular check and adjustments.

Any issues that may result in poor water flow, reduced efficiency or equipment failure can only be noticed on proper inspection.

Regular pop-ins are necessary to ensure proper working of the cooling tower which will, in turn, serve you for a long time.

6. Cooling towers can be repaired.

Availability of spare parts is a plus when it comes to the cooling tower as you don’t have to the whole thing redone.

Parts that can be replaced include the nozzles, fans, cooling tower fills, driveshafts, gearboxes, cooling tower drift eliminators, air inlet louvers, electronic float valves, basin heaters among others and you can get them from us at Sara Cooling Towers.

7. Cooling towers are long-lasting.

Cooling towers should last for about 30 years or more.  To ensure your cooling tower stays functional this long maintenance is key.

Poorly maintained cooling towers have a short operating life and are unreliable.

Causes of the short term durability include; clogged spray nozzles, scale deposits, poor air circulation through the tower and poor pump performance.

8. They are available in different designs.

Depending on your preference cooling towers are of various designs; wet or dry, mechanical draft or natural draft, counterflow or crossflow and direct or indirect.

Wet cooling towers are the most common type and the term wet is due to the involvement of a liquid mostly water.

The type of design depends on the location, cooling demand, and availability of the resource in use.

9. Cooling towers can be upgraded for better efficiency.

Cooling towers have been present since the 1980s. They are improved constantly and you can upgrade your cooling tower with the new and upcoming technology.

The aim of every upgrade is to produce the best results with minimum resources and effort.

A good example is a cooling tower fill, in the past decades the fill used was plastic, wood splash or fiberglass. Currently, PVC film fills are the new cooling tower fills and the performance is nearly twice that of the splash fill.

10. There are manufactures well equipped to build the cooling towers and supply parts.

Deciding on what, where and how you are going to construct a cooling tower can be a lot to handle. Thanks to the companies that now specialize in cooling towers specifically.

Plant Engineers and the manufactures on the field ensure everything is to your expectations.

One of them is the Sara Cooling Towers where we specialize in parts of the cooling towers and our company’s cooling tower products are being used widely around the world.

11. Cooling towers are the industrial icon of the future.

This 20th-century discovery may actually be a solution in the future. The cooling towers are now eco-friendly and use renewable power source.

Cooling towers can be classified with the other future greats like solar energy and biomass domes among others.

With upcoming upgrades, the cooling towers will eventually get to where we all want them to be.

Cooling towers are the best solution we have now to cooling and providing air conditioning in institutions requiring in bulk. With continuous upgrades, the cooling tower will be perfection. If you need cooling and air conditioning and nothing has worked so far, it’s time to think COOLING TOWERS!

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