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11 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Voice Actor

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Hiring a professional voice actor is a must if you want to humanize your brand. TTS services can help you convert a script into a somewhat professional voiceover, but it’s always better to hire a professional voice actor for your business needs – and we will show you why!

1. Get closer to your audience

Building trust with your target audience is a must to sell more products and services. Customers won’t buy from you unless you show them you’re reliable and can solve their problems for them. 

You can hire a professional voice actor to succeed in connecting with your customers. A voice actor knows how your customers speak and what tone they can use to build a link without forcing you to sound “Native.” 

For example, if you are trying to promote a product in Japan, you can hire Japanese voice actors to make an emotional bond with your customers. 

2. Choose experts for your business needs

As a business owner, you know it’s important to rely on professionals. You cannot afford to handle your sensitive work to novices. 

Voiceover artists are skilled professionals who know how to do their craft properly. They give life to an otherwise boring script and make it great to hear from your listeners. 

Many skilled voiceover artists have a diverse history of working for things like dramas and theater performances. They know how to speak words properly, so they sound great to hear. 

3. Become an authority

An important part of marketing online is becoming authoritative in your target industry. Customers want a brand to be trustworthy before they buy from it. 

TrustSource: 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report

Think about it; will your customers want to buy from you if the person in your ad doesn’t even know how to pronounce a word? 

You can never build trust in your industry if you convey your marketing content in a “Non-native” voice. It’s necessary to hire a native speaker of a language to show that you’re passionate about the product you sell. 

4. Access to quality equipment

If you think about recording a voiceover for your marketing content like explainer videos, you have to use proper recording equipment to capture quality audio. 

But you might not have access to such studio equipment if you don’t record video regularly. It can be costly to buy these tools, and even with tools, you can Never speak like a professional voice artist. 

Hiring a professional voice actor will solve the problem for you. A voiceover artist already has all tools in their home, and they can send you recorded audio files in High-Definition quality. 

5. Save your time

Getting things done in minimum time should be your priority as a business owner. You cannot afford to record 10-12 takes of a script and still not find it close enough to how a native speaker will utter the same words. 

Things like these will only waste your time and won’t benefit you in the long run. Hiring a professional voice actor will save your time and effort. According to their availability, they can send you a proper recording of your script in the shortest possible time. 

6. Give feedback to the actor 

Working with a professional voiceover actor involves you in the creative process of producing marketing material. You can listen to the voiceover clip sent by the actor and give feedback if you want any changes in the clip. 

Professional voiceover artists know how to follow guidelines and handle criticism. They will ensure to stick to your guidelines and record audio the way you want. 

7. Get ahead of your competitors 

Marketing is all about finding opportunities to stay ahead of your competitors. If done correctly, publishing proper marketing videos on the internet with a professional voiceover can help you leave your competitors behind. 

You can look at other businesses in your target industry and find out if they’re using professional voiceovers. Suppose nobody has hired a professional voiceover artist before. In that case, you will be able to become the first to hire one in your industry – allowing you to get a competitive edge in no time. 

8. Collaboration on your script

The creation of a proper script for a marketing/explainer video takes a lot of time and effort. If the script isn’t created with your listeners in mind, you won’t be able to get the results you want from your marketing efforts. 

You can enhance the quality and effectiveness of your script by hiring a professional voiceover actor. 

A professional voice actor knows which specific words can enhance the effectiveness of your marketing message. They will help you fine-tune your script to sound great to your target audience. 

9. Benefit from their experience  

Professional voiceover artists have experience working with several businesses. They know how to work on a project professionally and ensure to meet the expectations of their clients; this is why you should always have a voiceover artist with you when creating your marketing material. 

From their experience, they can show you how to execute a project properly. Voiceover actors will also help you ensure that your script is great to hear for your audience. Other than that, a professional voiceover artist can also guide you on how to connect with your target audience. 


10. Improves Search Engine Optimization

SEO has become a vital part of any digital marketing strategy. You have to ensure that your business appears on the first page of SERPs to get discovered by your audience easily. The addition of proper video content on your website pages can increase the chances of your website ranking higher.

To ensure that users love to watch your video content, it’s important you hire a professional voice actor. Good voiceover will ensure that viewers watch your videos for a long time – allowing you to convert your prospects into customers. 

11. Amazing “Return on Investment”

ROI FormulaSource:

You cannot use the basic formula of calculating ROI mentioned above to calculate the Return you get from hiring a voiceover artist. However, you can calculate the Compound effect of choosing a professional voiceover instead of recording the voice yourself. 

For example, customers will connect to your brand with proper voiceover, allowing you to generate more sales. Good voiceover can also help you get shoutouts from other companies if the videos you create can be used as references. 

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