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10 Ways Technology Helps You Save Money

Technology Helps You Save Money,, digital technology, VoIP Services, Technology, Financial Apps

Digital technology had become the imperative aspect of modern world business because of its enormous benefits as well as it turned the business provisionally and extemporized strategies into immaculate techniques. Also, the traditional procedures which were slamming the business process now had converted into the paramount and prominent spectacular prospects. Digital technology procuring popularity quite rapidly and business companies started to integrate it at their offices for exceptional employee’s capabilities and astonishing outcomes.  The value of digital technology is immense for the business sector. Digital media explores the pristine aspects to acquire success from the business. It not only incentivizes the business revenue drastically but also boosts the employee’s and make them able to accomplish the required tasks for their business. Actually, there is no room for businesses in the modern world without the implementation of digital technology. Therefore, business experts and professionals acknowledge the worth of digitalization. It is stunning how new apps, software, and digital devices are being launched every other day. Needless to say that technology has made our lives easier than we could have imagined. These apps help us save time as well as money which we used to spend on everyday things.

If you haven’t thought about that, here 10 ways technology has been helping us save money in subtle ways:

#1: VoIP Services

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is just a fancy name for the online services we use to make calls. Skype, Viber, Google Voice, and WhatsApp are some popular names. They allow us to make domestic and international calls free of cost. All have to do is pay for your Frontier TV packages to connect your device to the Internet.

You don’t have to waste your time and energy exploring complicated plans by phone service providers to make international calls. We are saving so much money with these VoIP services.

#2: Coupons

Although coupons are considered to be an old fashioned way of saving, the tech revolution has made them much more convenient. In fact, it has changed how coupons are sourced and claimed. You can find dedicated websites that sell coupons. It’s great to be saving money on retail purchases or even on the basic purchases at the grocery store.

The online coupons can be printed and redeemed in-store. Along with coupons, promotional codes have been created to let users save money on online purchases. Brands regularly send newsletters to their customers that contain coupons and other promotional deals.

#3: Reduced Energy Expenses

Instead of using regular incandescent bulbs, the CLF (Compact Fluorescent Light) light bulbs use 25 to 33% less energy. They are capable of lasting 10 times longer than the standard bulbs. With this technology, you are saving almost $50 on each bulb.

#4: Free File Sharing

All thanks to services like Dropbox, there is no need to use a USB hard drive again. The software is free and it gives you 2 GB space storage. You can use it to share files with other Dropbox users. You can also access the same file across different computers. The best part is you can access the files from not just your computer, but smartphone too.

#5: No Need to Buy Books

If you love reading, a significant portion of your income could get spent on buying new books. But technology has helped us save on that expense too. With apps such as Stanza, you can download over 100,000 eBooks for free. Before spending money on Amazon, check if the book you are interested in is available on Stanza. The app is free and it’s available on iPhone and iPad.

#6: Watch Movies on Netflix

New movies are meant to be seen in theaters but what if you want to watch an old movie? Thanks to technology, you don’t have to buy or rent a DVD. Online streaming services such as Netflix are available for as low as $10 a month. It allows you to watch TV shows and films that you like. Moreover, you will be saving calories and money spent on unhealthy movie theater snacks.  

#7: Custom Music Playlists

You don’t have to pay to listen to music either. With services like, you can search for any song and create your own playlist for free. You can also share the playlist with friends. Although you can’t download the music, you can test the tunes.

#8: Money Transfer Apps

The tech revolution has made it easier to use banking services on the go as well. It’s easier than ever to transfer someone funds. It’s not just the banking apps, but financial service providers have created apps like PayPal, Western Union, Transferwise, Remitly, etc. These apps don’t just save us time, they also save us traveling costs. There is no need to visit a branch to transfer funds or even apply for certain services.

#9: Setting Reminders

Some of us forget to pay bills. It’s a real pain because if the bill is piled up for a few months, you could end up paying a penalty. If it’s a credit card bill, then you would have to pay interest on the outstanding balance.

Technology has made things easier. By simply setting a reminder on your phone, you can pay your monthly bills on time. You can also set automatic payments to settle your bills as soon as you receive your salary.

#10: Financial Apps

The financial app has enabled us to create a financial budget according to our needs. There are some smart apps that can categorize and track your financial transactions as well. They even help you manage your spending and savings.

Apart from these benefits, technology has also gifted us with Internet providers who offer us high-speed Internet at affordable prices. That’s why people are always stuck in the Frontier vs Spectrum debate.

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