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10 User-Friendly Apps to Increase Your Productivity

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Technology advancement is a top-notch change in the world. Internet addition equipped people with awareness, which was difficult to attain in the past. Now there are different applications which you can download on your mobile phone and take benefit from it. The competitiveness of the current era requires efficiency in work. That is why productivity is a crucial element in the success. People are trying multiple ways to increase their productivity, where they find themselves stuck most of the time. Achieving maximum productivity is possible only if you take wise steps and take an experienced person’s help. Productivity takes a lot of perseverance and self-commitment. To manage the challenges of life, you need to come up with adequate performance. Here in this article, you will find top x new apps to increase productivity. Hence we all know doing hard work is not valid if you keep with it, but giving yourself a break can increase efficiency. Many apps can help you improve your work quality. Below mentioned apps can change your lifestyle and turn it into healthy and active. All you need is to download these apps, as there is much application which helps you in different life-related fields.

1. Calendar  

The calendar is a built-in App in almost all mobile phones or gadgets. The calendar app does not specify dates or months but also gives the option to put important dates and times on it to avoid getting late or missing it. The alarm is another feature of it that you can use on a daily bases by just setting alarms for different occasions and meetings. Furthermore, it shows the essential dates of the year and famous events. The calendar is a fantastic app that can increase your productivity. You can use it and become more punctual. Also, the best part that you won’t miss your anniversary or birthdays of loved ones. The calendar is one of the best apps, which is useful for everyone.

2. Doodle

When it comes to professional life, communication is crucial. 

If you have several remote workers than collaborating with them can be difficult. Also, organizing meetings and gathering all can be challenging. Fortunately, Doodle has made it more comfortable with its scheduling app that helps you arrange meetings with the help of an ongoing email option back and forth option. Nevertheless, of the team’s strength, you can line up everyone with the help of this application. Doodle help in making meetings productive and possible. Doodle’s key features are team scheduling, availability, reminders, and personal event. This app is also best for students. They can use it to combine study purposes as it is among the top best productivity apps.

3. Slack

Slack is a platform designed for messaging for official purposes. For remote workers, this application is useful as it has made instant messaging organized and channeled. Also allows members to join or leave according to the need of the situation. Also, by availing this option, they can avoid irrelevant notifications. Slack has a private chat; even this option lets them avoid disturbing the whole members. So they can stick to the project discussion with the concerned person. 

4. Todoist

Todoist is an application designed as a management tool as a to-do-list. With the help of this app, you can manage your tasks easily. Also, it assists you in keeping track of functions, whether official or you’re personal. With the help of this application, you will not forget anything on the list. By creating tasks list with deadlines, you can also priorities them according to the importance or need of the time. The critical feature of Todoist is prioritized tasks, task management, project goals, and reports.  

5. Zapier 

Zapier is a simple application designed to save time on repetitive tasks and to switch between other applications. Zapier delivers data between apps, for example, like Gmail or Trello email, which can automatically provide at the time of changes in the Trello. Also, you can connect Doodle with Airtable to keep records updated as doodle meeting ends. Key features of Zapier are Automate tasks, integrate apps, Zaps, and custom automation.

6. Habitica

HABITICA is almost the same as other habit control applications mentioned in this article and also more geared toward assisting in the development of good habits when you are not working on a computer. You can also use Habitica as a tool to improve your work life.

7. Tick tick 

TickTick is undoubtedly not like the TICK-TOCK app, But it is the advanced productivity platform where you can get all types of tools and efficiently organize your workload.

8. HabitHub

HABITHUB has the aim to become the only official app to help people improve their habits and achieve targets. By merging a set of goals, rewards, and statistical feedback, people can easily track their progress.

9. Today 

Today’s app is to help you in adopting excellent and healthy activities. The motif of this app is to make this world a better place for human beings. With the help of “Today,” You can connect with the people around the world and discover the difference that you can create positively. SO this way you can earn your reward against your endeavors.

10. Done

Done is a fabulous app to track your habit. The design of “Done” focuses on the record of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly targets. Also, this app tells your performance quality. For example, how you have maintained your good habit. An overview of your progress is also part of this app.

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