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10 Unique Gift Ideas For The Writer In Your Life

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Gifting is an expression of affection, care, and love. Giving a gift to someone shows that you appreciate their presence in your life. It is a gesture of heartfelt gratitude and goodwill that brings a smile to the other person’s face. Occasions and festivals are good times to give a gift to your loved ones. There are no set guidelines for gifting. You can gift anyone whatever you want and whenever you feel the right time is.   

Finding the right gift for your loved one isn’t a simple task. It takes a lot of time, effort, and thinking about picking an amazing one. And if you are brainstorming a gift to give it a writer, things become trickier. We know that you want to give a perfect gift. Hence, in this article, we have tried to bring to you some unique gifting ideas that you might find useful.

Writing Board Games

These are uniquely designed board games for writers. Dixit is one writing board game that has won the ‘Spiel de Jahres’ award for board game design in 2010. In this game, a player has to convince other players that their story card is the right way to tell a story. You can also choose from other writing board games like Storymatic, Writer Emergency Pack, Once Upon a Time, etc. All these games are loved by the writer community. 

Writing Software

While writing one has to focus on the story and their thoughts. There are a lot of tools available in the market that help the writer in managing their work. For example, Scrivener is writing software that helps writers in organizing their ideas and thoughts. Speech-to-text software like Dragon Naturally Speaking is also a good gifting option.


Every writer loves bookends. It is a very cool and unique gifting item that helps in storing the books. These bookends come in multiple shapes and sizes. You can pick the design that matches well with the likes and dislikes of the writer whom you are gifting. Just visit any online shopping portal and search for bookends to order the design you like.

A Weekend Getaway

Writing is a tiring job as it strains the mind. Buying a weekend getaway as a gift is a great choice to give the writer a good break. You can gift a stay at a nearby lake house or resort that has a calm and serene environment. Your writer friend will be able to rejuvenate with this short break and start writing with full energy once back from the break.

Word Magnets

Word magnet is a fun gift that is unique and refreshing for the brain. Playing around with random words can spark a creative thought in the brain. Writers going through writer’s block will be able to discover new ideas while playing with word magnets.

Literary T-shirts

T-shirts printed with writing quotes would be a great gift for your fellow writer. A variety of such t-shirts are available in the market for men, women, and children. These t-shirts come in various sizes, colors, and can be customized as well. You can pick the one you like and order them online as well.

Customized Diaries

Writers love diaries and journals a lot. Hand-crafted leather journals look beautiful and make a great gift for a smart writer. These journals are long-lasting, resistant to aging, and yellowing. Anything written in the journal is engraved for life. Even your future generations will be able to read the writing. Some of these journals are made from recycled paper and are eco-friendly as well.

Fountain Pens

Fountain pens look stunning and beautiful. If your writer loves a quality product to write, then this is a great option to give as a gift. A large variety of fountain pen designs are available in the market to choose from. You can even customize the pen by getting it engraved with some text also. Fountain pens are perfect to gift to a writer.

Journal Subscriptions

Writers love to read a lot. Giving them a subscription of their favorite magazine or journal is also a good gifting choice. You can also gift an Amazon Kindle Unlimited that has a large number of books and journals preloaded. You can also think of giving them an audible subscription to their favorite books and journals.

Literary Agent

Literary agents represent authors and provide consultancy to them as well. Connecting your fellow writer with a good literary agent will give them the much-needed boost for their writing career. Working with a literary agent will bring out the best in the writer as he or she will get good guidance.

If you want to go a bit casual but unique you can even consider buying Nespresso compatible coffee pods for your writer friends. Trust us, the writer needs them the most.

This is the list of 10 unique lifts for writers. We hope that this list will help you in getting a nice gift for your writer friend. Do share your ideas in the comment section as well.

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