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10 Tips To Overcome Insomnia

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Surely you have heard that adequate sleep during the right hours is essential for our health, and it is true. However, sometimes not sleeping properly is something that gets out of hand. Insomnia is very common in people, and it is the physiological inability of a person to fall asleep.

If you are one of those people who suffer from insomnia, or simply live with someone who does and you find yourself worried, below we will be talking about what are the things that could be causing insomnia, and also 10 useful tips to overcome it.

Causes of insomnia

Insomnia usually presents causes due to medical, psychological, and personal factors, and very commonly these can be combined. However, among the most common causes we can name we have:

  • Sleep diseases
  • Metabolic and hormonal diseases
  • Environmental factors
  • Substance and medication abuse
  • Personal problems
  • Physical hyperactivity
  • Bad habits
  • Among others

Ways to Overcome Insomnia with 10 Tips

If you constantly suffer from insomnia, one of the following tips will surely help you cope and overcome it.

Keep track

If you often find it difficult to sleep, or simply do not sleep at all, we recommend that you keep track of the hours of sleep you have, the times when you wake up, the symptoms you have, and the times of the day when they occur frequently.

This way it will be easier to identify the root of your insomnia, and you will be able to have all the necessary data at hand in case you want to consult with a specialist, or if you want to take any medication.

Establish a healthy routine

Something that could certainly help you is to find some activity that can relax you or in any case exhaust you before going to sleep. Also avoid watching TV or using the cell phone just before going to sleep, as this tends to distract and lengthen insomnia.

Keep the bed only for sleeping

Don’t watch or dine in front of the TV; instead, find another location to relax or read, and don’t bring work to bed with you. Make sure your mattress and bed are both comfortable. If they aren’t, they should be replaced.

Avoid consuming toxic substances

Another reason to stop smoking is insomnia. Tobacco is excitant, and if you can’t sleep, withdrawal symptoms can cause you to wake up in the middle of the night. Caffeine and theine are both sleep disruptors. Once the initial drowsiness wears off, drinking alcohol before bed disrupts sleep cycles.

Get some activity through the day.

Regularly participating in sports during the day increases sleep quality. Try to exercise three hours before bedtime so that your body has time to relax physically before sleeping.

Do not sleep for long periods of time.

Naps should not last longer than 10 to 20 minutes to avoid losing sleep at night, as this disrupts your natural sleep rhythm.

Use CBD products

Cannabidiol is a compound that comes from cannabis, and it has been shown to have many health benefits, including relieving insomnia. You can make use of some CBD-based products, such as the best organic CBD oil, pills, and creams, which can help you drain the anxiety or stress you may have when suffering from insomnia.

Besides, you can also take CBD in funnier products, such as vapes, cigarettes, gummies, and even desserts such as donuts and ice cream. 

Make use of relaxing techniques

Meditation, breathing methods, and gradual relaxation are all excellent relaxation treatments.

Keep an eye on your nutrition

Avoid heavy dinners with heavy digestions and instead choose natural relaxing herbal teas like valerian or chamomile, which can help you sleep better and reduce anxiety.

Make a conducive environment

Reduce the brightness of the light 2 hours before going to bed. Soft lighting combined with ambient light has a lower impact on our nervous system, making it easier to fall asleep. To help you sleep, listen to soothing instrumental music or nature sounds. Last but not least, keep the room dark and chilly.


Suffering from insomnia can be much more common than we often think, however, you can try with the recommendations given above, surely some of them will work for you.

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