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10 Software Product Design Principles

Software design and development

What are Product Design Principles?

One of the stages of software development is design. Software must meet the client’s basic requirements, so to get the perfect product, each company uses its proprietary principles. If you are taking your first steps in this field, you will need help. Product design development at Broscorp is the best solution for any business.

Software product design is one of the processes that help:

  • find a solution to your clients’ ‘pains’;
  • employees in performing routine tasks;
  • automate particular tasks. 

Everyone who will use new software will be able to find a necessary solution and won’t think about choosing another service.

What are product design principles? When developing software, each company is guided by the proprietary requirements and methods. The basic principles are to follow a specified set of rules, which makes it possible to create the best software for customers.

1. Design VS functions

First, the program must perform its functions. Let’s imagine that we have a food delivery utility. Even an incredibly attractive design will be perceived as a disadvantage if customers don’t get their dish delivered on time. Therefore, first, you should develop the functions and then proceed to the software usability and design.

2. Looking with the client’s eyes

Keep in mind that the client is the one who needs the application. The user will apply new software to perform articular tasks and solve problems. If you add tools that interfere with quick access to the menu or placing an order, customers will prefer another program.

Put yourself in a potential buyer’s shoes. What steps look the easiest to achieve your goal? Apply principles of product design to make the path between installing software and buying products as easy as possible.

3. Interface

There are many programs on the Web that users are used to. The menu is sideways; to switch between tabs, you should click on the category name. Don’t use more complex principles of design of software product, which require time to study the interface.

Customers don’t want to wait; they want to get what they want right now. Therefore, perfect usability is the first thing that will be noticed after installing the program.

4. Fewer template solutions

Traditional methods of product design development are not always suitable for solving a user’s problems. You should rather stick to flexible methodologies and adapt to a specific business field. Companies will be able to offer better services, and clients won’t feel uncomfortable when using the software.

5. Gradual development

You shouldn’t start large-scale projects by implementing a huge number of functions. Everything will be in vain if the program doesn’t meet the client’s needs. To avoid such a result, you should start by creating a minimally viable product. You will be able to test all the functions and analyze what options are missing. You can offer such products to customers and follow their opinion for developing of product design in the future.

6. Study the target audience

It is difficult to develop a perfect product without knowing who will use it. Study the needs and preferences of your target audience and then get down to development. Thus, it’ll be much easier to get user loyalty since they will be able to operate a product that is useful for them.

7. Convenient support

Clients may have questions about the application operations. To help them complete an order as quickly as possible, add functions for communicating with an operator quickly. Users will understand that they are important to you if all their problems are solved promptly.

8. Emotional aspect

Users need positive emotions. If they are in a positive mood while working with the program – you’ve reached your goal. Use product design principles to create a vivid design (if it is acceptable for a particular application), simple and user-friendly icons. This will help customers navigate faster and set them in a positive mood.

9. Create a comfortable environment for teamwork

The development process involves a team, not one person. For the product to be worthy, it is important to interact as early as at the initial stages. If each of the developers makes independent decisions, the final application won’t meet any of the requirements. All the details should be decided on at joint meetings, which will bring an incredible result.

10. Don’t forget to improve

You can’t predict every action of your potential customer. Sometimes, unexpected errors may occur. To ensure that users won’t refuse to operate the program, be sure to communicate with them. Offer to give the software beta version a try and keep offering regular updates and solving any problems that may arise.


Choosing the most effective strategy for software development is the key to success. If you can’t decide on it, follow the leading developers’ principles. You shouldn’t stick to particular points, just choose the best tips for product design development for your company and clients.

Now, you know how to create a product design. Specify the list of requirements for the software before starting to develop it. This will help you to pursue your goal step by step to get the perfect product. Users will be able to understand the application easily. To simplify the task, compile an interesting instruction that will briefly describe each of the software functions.

New applications are extremely popular, so don’t miss an opportunity to win over a new audience. Develop unique applications that everyone will like. Such programs aimed at large companies are the best solution that will help you expand your target audience quickly and boost sales.

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