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10 Most Popular And Easy Ways To Earn Crypto

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Digital currencies have become the biggest talk of the town in the last few years, mostly due to the incredible rise of Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies now represent a fully legit investment opportunity and a nice way to earn some money aside.

The overall cryptocurrency market is projected to reach $1.4 billion by 2024, so grabbing just a small portion of it could turn out to be a highly profitable business move. But how exactly do you earn digital money?

A lot of potential traders are looking for an answer to this question and we decided to help them out. In this post, you will learn the 10 easiest and most popular ways to earn cryptocurrency. Let’s take a look!

1. Mining

We open the list with mining, otherwise known as one of the crypto essentials. The idea is simple – you use a PC to dig digital coins online. However, keep in mind that mining requires some heavyweight machinery in order to generate crypto. For this reason, you will have to invest in high-quality equipment and additional GPU to speed up the process and turn crypto mining into a profitable activity.

2. Join ICO Campaigns

Another way to earn cryptocurrency is to take part in ICO campaigns. Initial coin offering (ICO) is the process of creating brand new crypto, which gives you the chance to step in early and buy coins cheaply. Your job is to do the math before taking any action and determine whether the project has enough potential or not. If yes, then you could earn a lot simply by selling tokens you once bought very cheaply.

3. Buy And Hold

The third very popular way to earn through crypto trading is to buy and hold. What does it mean?

Jake Gardner, a crypto analyst at Australian Writing and 6 Dollar Essay, says it means you can analyze the existing offers and buy cheap but promising coins: “After that, you enter the holding period during which you expect the price of the digital coin to grow. Once it reaches the expected price, you can sell the cryptocurrency and enjoy the profit.”

4. Staking

Cryptocurrency networks give you another interesting opportunity to generate revenue. Namely, you can purchase a certain amount of cryptocurrencies and earn interest in the months to come. This is possible because some platforms use the tactic to attract more traders and boost client loyalty. There are many crypto networks where you can earn through staking, with the most popular ones being Lisk, Neo, OMG, Ark, etc.   

5. Airdrops

The Airdrop crypto strategy is also an interesting idea for beginner-level enthusiasts. This is how Airdrops function – developers of a new cryptocurrency often give a certain amount of coins for free to some users. It helps the new crypto money to evoke interests and attract more buyers. All you need to do in exchange is to complete a small task such as to download the developers’ program or active a new crypto wallet.

6. Micro-tasks

If you are a first-time crypto trader, micro-tasks may as well be the best way to start experimenting with digital money. Micro-task websites pay a small commission to users who complete some sort of activity or assignment quickly. If this sounds too general, that’s because it is. Namely, micro-tasks can include anything from simple ad watching to online surveys.

7. Freelancing

As a digital enthusiast, you probably know a lot of top essay writing services, ResumeWriters, and freelancing platforms such as Upwork. It turns out that the growing crypto market also needs a lot of freelance professionals who can help with design, content writing, coding, and many more. All you need to do is create a good-looking resume (contact LiveCareer if you don’t need how) and join a freelancing platform like Cryptogrind or Ethance.

8. Gaming

Now we have a great suggestion for all of you gaming fans out there. You can play games on your mobile app and get paid in cryptocurrency. Generally speaking, most gaming apps give you two options to earn tokens:

  • Watching short videos
  • Using the app and completing its stages

There are many apps to test here, but Storm Play proved to be one of the best and most reliable, so we encourage you to give it a try first.

9. Sell Products In Exchange For Crypto

One of the simplest ways to earn crypto is by selling products or services in exchange for crypto money. You only need to add this payment option to your eCommerce website and let the customers pay you using Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other coin you might consider valuable.

10. Affiliate Marketing

In case you are running a tech-related site or a blog, you could become an affiliate marketer and get paid in cryptocurrency. The only thing you need to do is write a convincing review of a product, coin, or service and inspire the audience to engage through your affiliate link. If you don’t know how to write quality analysis, check out the likes of speedy paper reviews and bestessayservicesreview.


Cryptocurrency trading is a non-standard business opportunity for serious professionals, but it’s also a great way for beginner-level traders to earn some money aside. If you are thinking about earning a few digital coins yourself, then you should know how to do it properly.

In this article, we explained to you the 10 easiest and most popular ways to earn cryptocurrency. Have you ever tested any of these mechanisms? Which one do you consider to be the most profitable? Make sure to leave a comment – we would love to hear about your experiences with cryptocurrency trading!


Author’s Bio: Sharon Hooper is a business consultant and essay writer who works for aussiessay. She is also a regular blog post contributor and the manager of superiorpapers. She loves to sing, read, write, and travel.



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