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10 Most Effective SEO Tactics to Boost Your Organic Traffic

increase organic traffic, SEO factors, Most Effective SEO Tactics, Decrease image size, Reduce server response time

In the online competitive world, every business urges for more organic traffic, leads, and sales. 

But, achieving this has become complicated!!

There are several factors that businesses have to accomplish to get the desired traffic!!

Understanding SEO to its core is very much important to increase the conversion rate and business sales. Hence, it is required to know what SEO is and how it is helpful to boost the traffic of your business?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the method of securing traffic from the organic, natural, or editorial, and the free search results on Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It can keep you one step ahead of your competitors by optimizing your website using the right tactics.

Several SEO companies are there that always keep a check on the Google updates and the competitors as well. They can guide you to be on the top of the SERPs list and help Malaysian local business in SEO.

Anyhow, keeping this perspective in mind, here in this article, we have listed the most prominent SEO strategies to increase traffic to your website.

  • Table of content
  • Different tricks to drive more organic traffic
  • Add quality backlinks
  • Blog regularly
  • Research your keywords well
  • Focus on the readers
  • Add internal links
  • Use the tags appropriately
  • Page loading speed
  • Add better headlines
  • Find broken links
  • Use data and metrics to calculate the results
  • Wrapping up

Different Tricks to Drive More Organic Traffic

Create Quality Backlinks

increase organic traffic, SEO factors, Most Effective SEO Tactics, Decrease image size, Reduce server response time

Backlinks are also known as incoming links on the web page. These help to link one website to another website.

The searchers and search engines most trust the quality backlink from the high domain authority website. After having quality backlinks, your website visibility can increase effortlessly. More backlinks help raise the ranking in SERPs.

Several techniques are there that help create backlinks. Guest blogging, Public relations, Broken link building, Skyscraper content, and resource compilation are some of them.  Don’t forget that link quality is far more important than the quantity to get credibility from the search engines.

Blog Regularly

increase organic traffic, SEO factors, Most Effective SEO Tactics, Decrease image size, Reduce server response time

Try to keep your website fresh and updated and start blogging today.   This is the best way to gain more traffic to your website.  You can even consider using a traffic bot from a reputed supplier so as to attract quality traffic.

Do include only those blogs that the visitors or your customers are interested in or that can gain their attention. Also, it would be better if you will post the blogs that are associated with today’s scenario-latest news, technologies, and trends. 

So, whenever the users read the post, they share it with others, that will, certainly, generate the right amount of relevant traffic on the website.

Research Your Keywords Well

increase organic traffic, SEO factors, Most Effective SEO Tactics, Decrease image size, Reduce server response time

Keywords are specific words that any website explicitly used to get a better position in search engines. Specifically, these are the terms and phrases that are often searched.

Optimizing the content with proper keywords helps your website to rank higher and gain a massive audience. It would be better if you will check the most searched keywords on lsigraph , kwfinder, keyword-planner, and Ubersuggest to rank your website or blog in a better position.

Also, Google gives you many searched keywords suggestions related to your topic on its search console. Do give a “space” after entering the desired information to get the results.    

Unbelievably, if you are using the right keywords for your website, then there are higher chances of driving more conversion and leads to more sales.

Focus on the Readers

We are nothing without readers. They are whole and solely responsible for our business success. They are our customers, clients, visitors. While planning any business strategy, it is recommended to keep the readers or the target audience in mind- their perspectives, ideas, everything.

Know who you are addressing, then create informative content. There are some questions that you need to have the answer of before creating any sort of content or before devising your SEO strategy:

  • What is the latest?
  • Which content will they like the most?
  • Which platform do they find more worthy?
  • What are the best ways to connect with them?

Add Internal Links

To get more visitors to the website is the primary goal of any business. And, adding internal links is one of those SEO strategies that can enable you more traffic.

Specifically, internal links are the hyperlinks that navigate to the pages with a similar domain. These types of links are differentiated from the external links that link out to pages on different domains. 

The internal link will assist Google to know, index, and find all the pages on your website. If used adequately, then these links can send the page authority to the valuable pages. Many practices are there that you can keep in mind while adding internal links. 

  • Consider only the Keyword-Rich Anchor Text
  • Linking to Important Pages
  • Avoid the same anchor text For two pages
  • Audit internal links from the Google Search Console
  • Use dofollow links.
  • Use internal links for Indexing
  • Neglect automation
  • IntegrateInternal Links to Old Pages

Use the Tags Appropriately

If you want your crawlers to check the content thoroughly, then add the comprehensive and related information. And tags are the only best option to do that.

A web tag is a tool that helps to collect the data on a website. It provides unique information regarding on-site behaviors.  How interesting it is to know about the visitor’s behavioral patterns and recent trends before putting in the information

It is advised to use appropriate tags that can easily define the visual content of the webpage. Here, the alt text can help to visualize the relevance of the material.  Try to focus more on the keywords for its optimization.

Page Loading Speed

increase organic traffic, SEO factors, Most Effective SEO Tactics, Decrease image size, Reduce server response time

Believe it or not, website speed matters a lot in SEO ranking!! It is the fundamental factor that the visitors notice while checking your website.

If your website is taking more than 3 seconds to load, then surely you are losing a lot of traffic and killing your conversions. Accordingly, the visitors become disinterested and irritated and move to some other website. Also, you are losing more than half of the visitors before even their visit to your website.

You can follow some or all of the following ways to speed up your website

  • Reduce HTTP requests
  • Minify and join files
  • Manage asynchronous loading for JavaScript and CSS files
  • Accede JavaScript loading
  • Decrease time to the first byte
  • Reduce server response time
  • Pick the right hosting option as per your requirements
  • Allow compression and browser caching
  • Decrease image sizes
  • Adopt a Content Delivery Network
  • Get external hosting platforms
  • Optimize CSS delivery

Besides, checking or testing the website speed is also important so that you can handle it before to assure credibility. The below-mentioned tools have their own features, many ways to show the results and reporting.

  • KeyCDN Website Speed Test
  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Pingdom Speed Test
  • GTmetrix

Add Better Headlines

A killer headline is a necessity to make your content more visible and to get noticed by many. It is estimated that almost 80%of the visitors read the article headlines. With an outstanding idea of blog publishing, without the adequate combination of words is not going to attract potential customers.

The important part is, if the headline is not optimized and striking for the Search Engines, then you will notice a great in your position in SERPs. You can use one of the below tools for writing better headlines:

  • SE Ranking
  • SEMrush
  • Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer
  • CoSchedule Headline Analyzer
  • Portent’s Content Idea Generator
  • Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

Find Broken Links

The broken links work as the poison for your website that makes it dead anytime.   It could be disastrous and can establish a bad user experience.  The broken links show 404 errors when links get clicked. This makes users irritated, and they prefer not to return to your website again.

These types of links reduce the link flow on your website which negatively affects your website.  To get rid of this trap,  find the broken links from your website. You can take assistance from Google Analytics and Xenu tools.

Then, make a report and trace the changes, examine the data, and determine the pages to redirect in CMS.  You can repeat the procedure and redirect the broken links and update the broken link report.

Use Data and Metrics to Calculate the Results

increase organic traffic, SEO factors, Most Effective SEO Tactics, Decrease image size, Reduce server response time

It is better to analyze the metrics of your website to have an idea of how the website is performing.

Many metrics are there that can assist you for the same. From all, Google Analytics (GA) is by far the best.

It gives you a view of your website traffic, total sessions, pageviews from a defined date range.

Click-Through Rate (CTR) is also the one metric that provides the insights of how adequately your page title and meta description are optimized. The information can be obtained from the Google Search Console (free Google tool).

Wrapping Up

Who does not want to taste success? Every business owner demands more traffic, sales, conversions, and success, indeed!!

We have enlisted some of the best SEO tactics to boost website traffic. If you haven’t implemented them yet, then do it now!! It’s never too late to get started!!

Get ready to surprise yourself with the results.

We hope the above-mentioned information is beneficial to you. In case of any queries and suggestion, you can leave a comment in the comment section below. Or, if there is any point that we have missed, then do let us know.

Thanks for reading!!

All the best!!

About the Author: Morris Edwards is a Manager at Awebstar, a digital marketing company in Singapore which is dealing with web design & development, mobile app development, SEO, social media marketing and more. Connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and

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